57 Sculptures to Explore in United States

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Third largest and third most populous country in the world. Size-wise, it is almost as large as the continent of Europe.

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Sculptures to Explore in United States

Arnold Statue

The Arnold Statue, located in Franklin County, Ohio, is a significant monument that commemorates the life and contributions of Dr. Thurman Arnold. Dr. Arnold was a distinguished legal scholar, government official, and advocate for antitrust laws and fair competition.The statue stands as a tribute to Dr. Arnold's achievements and his impact on promoting economic fairness and competition in the United States.

Ave Maria Grotto

Ave Maria Grotto, located in Cullman, Alabama, is a unique and captivating religious and artistic attraction that draws visitors from around the world. This remarkable site is renowned for its miniature reproductions of famous religious buildings and shrines, making it a place of both spiritual reflection and artistic wonder.


Welcome to Bamahenge, a quirky and fascinating roadside attraction in Baldwin County, Alabama! Bamahenge is a whimsical replica of Stonehenge, the iconic prehistoric monument in England, but with a Southern twist. This unusual attraction offers visitors a fun and lighthearted experience that combines history, art, and a touch of humor.

Big Blue Bear

The big blue bear has become an iconic symbol of Denver, a 40-foot, three-story bright blue bear standing outside the Colorado Convention Center staring in through the soaring front windows.The piece was installed at a cost of US$424,400, and was immediately popular with both the public and art community.

Black Hawk Statue

The Black Hawk Statue is an impressive monument dedicated to the renowned Sac leader from the same name. Standing 32 feet tall, the bronze statue honors Black Hawk's courage, strength and resilience as a fighter and leader for his people. Built in 1911 by sculptor Loredo Taft, the statue commands attention upon approach with its grandeur and remarkable detail - from its bold feathers to its intricate facial features.

Brunel Sculpture Garden

Emile Brunel Studio and Sculpture Garden is a unique and notable attraction located in the town of Boiceville in Ulster County, New York, USA.The sculpture garden is dedicated to the work of the late French-American sculptor Emile Brunel, who was known for his innovative and expressive creations in stone and metal. The studio and garden showcase a collection of Brunel's sculptures, offering visitors an opportunity to appreciate and immerse themselves in his artistic vision.

Charging Bull

Sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull, is a bronze sculpture that stands on Broadway just north of Bowling Green in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. Charging Bull is a popular tourist destination that draws thousands of people a day, symbolizing Wall Street and the Financial District.

Christ of the Ozarks

The Christ of the Ozarks is a towering and iconic statue located in Carroll County, Arkansas, that stands as a symbol of faith, inspiration, and the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains. Perched atop Magnetic Mountain near the town of Eureka Springs, this colossal sculpture has become a significant religious and cultural landmark, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Citygarden Sculpture Park

Citygarden Sculpture Park is a unique urban oasis located in St. Louis city. This beautiful park covers 2.9 acres of land and features a stunning collection of modern and contemporary sculptures, as well as a variety of lush gardens and greenery.The sculptures in Citygarden Sculpture Park are spread throughout the park, creating an immersive and interactive experience for visitors. The collection includes works by some of the most renowned sculptors from around the world.

Custer Monument

See the bronze monument to the young soldier whose “Last Stand” made him a household name, at the site of George Armstrong Custer’s birthplace. Only the foundation of Custer’s birthplace remains at this roadside park and picnic area. At the exhibit pavilion, read about Custer’s life. Average visit time: Allow 30-60 minutes

Donald M Kendall Sculpture Gardens

The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens is a remarkable outdoor art space located in Purchase, Westchester County, New York. Named after Donald M. Kendall, former CEO of PepsiCo, this sculpture garden is an integral part of the PepsiCo headquarters campus. It's renowned for its captivating blend of contemporary sculptures, carefully curated landscapes, and its unique integration of art and nature.

Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

The Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, honors the beloved children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel, famously known as Dr. Seuss. The garden is part of the Springfield Museums complex and pays homage to the iconic characters and stories created by Dr. Seuss.

Grand Basin

The Grand Basin in St. Louis City is a popular gathering spot for both locals and visitors alike. Located in the heart of Forest Park, the Grand Basin is a large, man-made lake that spans more than 23 acres and is surrounded by landscaped gardens and walking paths.The Grand Basin was originally built for the 1904 World's Fair and was a centerpiece of the event, hosting boat races, fountains, and other activities.

Griffis Sculpture Park

Griffis Sculpture Park is an outdoor museum featuring over 250 sculptures, ranging from whimsical animal shapes to abstract works of art. The park is located near Holiday Valley Resort, making it an ideal place to explore during a winter or summer getaway. Visitors can wander through the paths among the sculptures, exploring the creative works of art and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the park. The park also offers educational programs, special events, and art classes for visitors.

Hank Williams Statue

The Hank Williams Statue in Montgomery, Alabama, is a tribute to one of the most iconic and influential figures in the history of country music, Hank Williams. The statue is a commemoration of Hank Williams, a legendary country music singer-songwriter who was born in Mount Olive, Alabama, and became known for his timeless hits and contributions to the country music genre.

Hiawatha, World's Largest Indian Statue

Hiawatha, the World's Largest Indian Statue located in Gogebic County, Michigan is a breathtaking sight. Standing at over 65 feet tall, he is by far the most impressive landmark in the area. His hands outstretched and head raised to the sky as if calling out to his ancestors he stands with pride and confidence. He was erected in honor of all Native Americans who have come before us, and acts as an homage to the difficulties they faced during their time living on the lands of this region.

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts

Art museum on the campus of Stanford University. The museum first opened in 1894 and now consists of over 130,000 square feet of exhibition space, including sculpture gardens. The museum is open to the public and charges no admission.

Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains Statue

The Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains Statue celebrates former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jimmy Carter. Unveiled in June 2012, this bronze statue stands at 11 feet tall, located outside the Sumter County Courthouse. Surrounded by flowering plants and native shrubs, the statue was a gift from the artwork of Frank Hendrieth and unveiled by former First Lady Roslyn Carter. The sculpture is meant to commemorate President Carter’s down-to-earth roots as a farmer.

Lady Desert- The Venus of Nevada

This sculpture of a reclining woman amidst the vast desert landscape is a sight to behold. It's not every day you stumble upon a giant naked lady sculpture out in the middle of nowhere. But if you do, you better stop and take a picture! Lady Desert is a tribute to the beauty of the female form and was created by artist Dr. Hugo Heyrman. To some, it may seem controversial, but to me, it's a stunning work of art that perfectly captures the essence of the desert.

Lincoln - Bedell Statue

The Lincoln-Bedell Statue is a monument to a surprisingly heartwarming story from our nation's history. In 1860, a 10-year-old girl named Grace Bedell wrote a letter to then-candidate Abraham Lincoln, telling him that if he grew a beard, he would look more presidential and therefore be more likely to win the election. To everyone's surprise, Lincoln took her advice and grew a beard! The statue depicts the two meeting, with little Grace handing a letter to a somewhat bewildered-looking Lincoln.

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