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Logan County, Illinois, is one of 102 counties in the Prairie State. It was developed in 1839, and despite its comparatively small size compared to other Illinois counties, it boasts a rich agricultural history with plenty of natural beauty. The population of Logan County is low but growing and features diverse cultural activities and attractions such as golf courses, museums and historic sites to keep citizens engaged. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in the area includi

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J. H. Hawes Elevator

J. H. Hawes Elevator

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

J. H. Hawes Elevator consists of two grain elevators—the larger of which is 85'x60', and the smaller 45'x24'. The site is owned by Gillespie-based Hills Brothers Grain Company, and its elevators handle corn, soybeans, oats, and wheat for local farmers and processors. While the location has changed hands throughout its long history, it continues to offer an invaluable service as a grain storage hub that links rural areas to the global economy.

Lincoln Heritage Museum

The Lincoln Heritage Museum situated in the city of Lincoln, the museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts related to Abraham Lincoln and his life. Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits that focus on Lincoln’s impact on American history—including the Embalmed Body Exhibit which contains actual items from his funeral in 1865. The museum also features a permanent collection featuring significant moments from his presidency and various other milestones.

Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site

Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site preserves a 19th Century courthouse building. This stately Greek-Revival building served as the county seat of Logan County from 1848 until 1855 and still stands today much as it did when Abraham Lincoln once argued cases here as an attorney in the 1840s. It contains two courtroom chambers along with office spaces that are preserved demonstrating how local government was conducted in an earlier time.

Postville Courthouse State Historic Site

The Postville Courthouse State Historic Site is a place of history and beauty. Built in 1840, the courtroom is well-preserved and represents a reminder of our country’s legal past. The courthouse held public trials, jury deliberations, hearings, as well as political speeches and other important town meetings during its 129 year tenure. Tourists can stand in the room where Abraham Lincoln attended court sessions and see how it played an important part of Illinois' history.

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For more information about Logan County, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan_County,_Illinois