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Twiggs County

Twiggs County, located southeast of Macon in central Georgia, is home to about 8,700 people. The county seat is Jeffersonville and has a rich history dating as far back as the American Revolution. A few historic landmarks are located here, such as the Jeffersonville Town Hall and Courthouse built in 1853 and gravesite of General Phillip Cook from Cook's Battalions. Nature lovers will have no shortage of places to explore in Twiggs County. It contains numerous rural farmlands, lakes and rivers th

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Outdoors - Other to Explore in Twiggs County

Bond Swamp

Bond Swamp is a unique and important wetland area. It's known for its diversity of plant and animal species, making it a valuable asset to the region. Massive cypress trees line the wetlands' ponds, creeks, and streams, providing habitat for frogs, turtles, alligators, black bears, beavers and more. The upland areas that surround Bond Swamp offer hiking trails for visitors to enjoy the area's beauty and learn about the local ecology On top of that.

Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area

The Ocmulgee Wildlife Management Area is a stunningly beautiful 26 acre parcel of land used for hunting and wildlife observation. Visitors can engage in archery hunting throughout the year as well as firearms deer hunting during designated seasons. The area also has extensive wetlands complete with boardwalks that makes it a great birding location when the weather is agreeable. The area also holds educational programs that explore the Hawks Reads program.

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