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Bond Swamp - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

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About Bond Swamp

Bond Swamp is a unique and important wetland area. It's known for its diversity of plant and animal species, making it a valuable asset to the region. Massive cypress trees line the wetlands' ponds, creeks, and streams, providing habitat for frogs, turtles, alligators, black bears, beavers and more. The upland areas that surround Bond Swamp offer hiking trails for visitors to enjoy the area's beauty and learn about the local ecology On top of that.

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Attractions Near Bond Swamp

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge offers a landscape like no other. Established in 2000, it's comprised of more than 4,400 acres covering swampland, streams and upland forests. Visitors enjoy multiple trails for hiking and bird watching, as well as nature programs for children and adults alike. The swamp itself is home to several species of native wildlife including river otters, deer and turkey, while the uplands offer sightings of various birds and reptiles.

Lamar Mounds and Village Site, Macon

Lamar Mounds and Village Site is an archaeological site that dates back to the Early Woodland Period (1000 BC - 600 AD). Artifacts discovered at the site suggest it was inhabited by a complex network of farming cultures during this time period and beyond. The site features two large mounds, as well as living spaces, ceremonial structures, and other prehistoric features. Excavations have revealed pottery shards and stone tools which offered insight into the everyday life of its inhabitants.

Luther Williams Field

Luther Williams Field

9.19km from Bond Swamp

This is a great family destination for outdoor fun. It's known for its ballpark and community sports facility, which includes a football field surrounded by a track. The park also has basketball and tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, and bleachers to enjoy the games. The park offers free parking and an excellent playground for the kiddos. Furthermore, Luther Williams Field is home to regular youth programs as well as football and soccer camps during the summer months.

Carolyn Crayton Park

Carolyn Crayton Park

9.65km from Bond Swamp

Carolyn Crayton Park is an oasis of beauty and natural wonder. The park encompasses a large area full of lush forest trees and wildflowers as well as wide open grassy fields. Visitors to the park can enjoy many leisurely activities from fishing in nearby ponds to taking a stroll along the nature trails. The park is full of amenities including picnic tables, restrooms with running water, playgrounds for children, and a boat dock for easy access.

Great Temple Mound

Great Temple Mound

9.92km from Bond Swamp

The Great Temple Mound is a national landmark that has stood the test of time. It stands 20 feet tall, making it an impressive sight to see. For thousands of years, this mound was an important part of the lives of Native Americans. Intricate artifacts and tools used by the Muscogee people have been found in and around it, further highlighting its importance in their culture. According to archaeologists, it was likely built as part of a large settlement between 1000 BC and 700 AD.

Tubman Museum

Tubman Museum

9.98km from Bond Swamp

This museum pays homage to her impactful contributions through exhibits and programs designed to inspire mindfulness by connecting past, present, and future generations to tenets of freedom. Originally founded in 1981, it is said that This Museum was the very first museum exclusively dedicated to African American art and culture. It works diligently to protect her inspiring story through interpretive displays of memorabilia from various periods during Tubman’s lifetime and beyond.

Discover More Attractions in Twiggs County, Home of Bond Swamp

Twiggs County

Twiggs County

2 attractions

Twiggs County, located southeast of Macon in central Georgia, is home to about 8,700 people. The county seat is Jeffersonville and has a rich history dating as far back as the American Revolution. A few historic landmarks are located here, such as the Jeffersonville Town Hall and Courthouse built in 1853 and gravesite of General Phillip Cook from Cook's Battalions. Nature lovers will have no shortage of places to explore in Twiggs County. It contains numerous rural farmlands, lakes and rivers th

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