4 Forests to Explore in Flevoland

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Flevoland is the 12th and youngest province of the Netherlands, established in 1986. There are national parks to visit, modern Dutch cities to explore, a few older villages and even a lot of beautiful tulip fields to go to. For the rollercoaster fans, there is also a Dutch themepark that will make you very happy.The capital of Flevoland is Lelystad and the province Flevoland has around 400.000 people.

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Forests to Explore in Flevoland

Almere Jungle

Almere Jungle is an animal shelter and education center in the municipality of Almere and was founded in 1996. There is mainly shelter for small mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. It was set up as a sheltered workshop and had more than 70 participants in 2016. The animals are taken care of as much as possible by the participants who are assisted by professional guides. In addition to animal care, clients are active in the hospitality industry, technology, shops and landscaping.


The Horsterwold is a young forest near Zeewolde that is approximately 3700 hectares in size and borders the Nuldernauw . This forest is not only the largest deciduous forest in the Netherlands , it is also special because it is a forest on clay soil . The growth of trees is spectacular because acid rain has no effect on this environment and because the soil is very fertile.


De Pampushout is an urban forest in Almere Pampus . It separates this part of the city from Almere Poort . It is managed by Het Flevo landscape . It is one of the most visited forests in Almere.

Vroege Vogelbos

The Vroege Vogelbos is a forest in the Dutch city of Almere. the forest developed into a park forest with both deciduous and coniferous trees . Several hiking trails and winding roads run through the forest. In the Early Bird Forest there is a sheepfold that offers shelter for 100 to 150 sheep . The building was designed in 2003 by the architectural firm 70F Architecture.

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