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Drenthe is a province of the Netherlands located in the northeastern part of the country. The oldest remains of settlements in Holland were found in this province: the mysterious hune beds. But Drenthe also boasts varied natural landscapes: peat swamps, heathlands, and sand drifts. In short, Drenthe is well worth a visit.

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Outdoors - Other to Explore in Drenthe

Bargerveen Nature Reserve

Bargerveen Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the Dutch province of Drenthe that has been included in the Natura 2000 ecological network. The reserve consists of stretches of peat bogs, moors and heaths with expanses of water and wetlands. The area sees a tremendous variety of fauna, especially birds and is, therefore designated a special protection area under the decree of the European Union Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds.

Boswachterij Gees

De Boswachterij Gees is a 1600 ha nature reserve northwest of Gees in the province of Drenthe .The area is best known for the pingo ruin Mekelermeer and the heath on the cover sand ridge with the name Hooge Stoep. This name refers to its high location in relation to the surrounding land. Sometimes the forest as a whole is also indicated by it. The area is connected with the Mantingerveld and further on the Dwingelderveld.

De Onlanden

The De Onlanden area is located in the north of Drenthe and is approximately 2500 ha. big. The name chosen in 2009 is due to the combination of large-scale nature development and large-scale water storage , which makes part of the area 'onland' again. The official credo for the project that led to the design of the area is 'Wet nature for dry feet'.

De Strubben-Kniphorstbosch

The Strubben-Kniphorstbosch is a nature reserve between Anloo and Schipborg. The 377 hectare area owes its name to the 'stubby' oaks and to Gerrit Kniphorst, who was the owner in the 19th century. You will find various traces of prehistoric times here, including two dolmens and no fewer than 60 burial mounds.


The Deurzerdiep is one of the upper reaches of the Drentsche Aa in the Dutch province of Drenthe .The Deurzerdiep starts at Schieven , where the Amerdiep and Anreeperdiep converge. The deep then flows in a northerly direction past Deurze . The canalized section bends to the west and empties into the Havenkanaal , a branch of the Noord-Willemskanaal . The original Deurzerdiep meanders through the area west of Kampsheide and turns south of Loon into the Looner Diep .


Diependal is a wetland nature reserve in Central Drenthe . It is managed by the Drenthe Landscape . The area borders the Hijkerveld near the village of Oranje . Not far from Diependal is the Fochteloërveen . Diependal is 1000 hectares in size. There is a bird hide in Diependal . The red-necked grebe can sometimes be seen from this hut. There is a long tunnel of 160 meters long, at the end of which is the hut. There is a booklet available in which observations can be noted.

Dwingelderveld National Park

The Dwingelderveld is Europe's largest wet moorland area. It is covered by numerous fens and marsh flats featuring a wide variety of rare plants. The park covers about 37 km2 and is mainly managed by the State Forest Service and the most important Dutch private nature management organisation Natuurmonumenten. It is the largest wet heathland of Western-Europe. Dwingelderveld is also designated as a Natura 2000-area.


The Gasselterveld is a recreation area in the middle of the Hondsrug in Drenthe. You will find the swimming pond 't Nije Hemelriek and the swimming lake the Gasselterveld. Improbably blue water, forest views and a dazzling white beach. A wonderful place where you can swim and sunbathe!

Gasterse Duinen

Gasterse Duinen is a nature reserve in Gasteren that consists of sand ridges and wet peat bogs . The area was formed in the Pleistocene by land ice, meltwater, snow storms and rivers. The nature reserve falls under the Drentsche Aa area , a Natura 2000 area. The Pieterpad runs through the area .

Geopark de Hondsrug

De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark is a large area covering almost the whole Eastern part of Drenthe and also a part of the province of Groningen.The ridges and valleys of the unique Hondsrug landscape were created in the ice ages. Prehistoric people left archaeological treasures behind. For thousands of years man has re-shaped this land, creating a landscape that reflects all ages.


Holtingerveld is a Natura 2000 area in the Dutch province of Drenthe . Before 2013, it was referred to as Havelte-East. The Holtingerveld is not a national park, but together with the national parks Dwingelderveld and Drents-Friese Wold it forms the natural and cultural landscape of the Drents-Friese border region.


The Mantingerveld is a nature reserve north of Nieuw-Balinge in the Dutch municipality of Midden-Drenthe. In 1992, Natuurmonumenten started the so-called Action Goudplevier, which aimed to turn a number of small fragmented forests, heath and peat areas into one large nature reserve again by buying intermediate agricultural land and converting it back into heathland. The Mantingerveld is the result of this successfully completed campaign.


Sleenerzand is a more than 1600 ha large forest area in the province of Drenthe, located between Noord-Sleen and Schoonoord . The forests were planted in the 1930s . Many traces from the distant past can still be found, in the northern part glacial pits and in the southern part burial mounds .The recreational lake Kibbelkoele is located in the area . The Bosbad Noord-Sleen outdoor swimming pool is also located in the Sleenerzand and there is a 30 km long mountain bike route.


Wildlands is a zoo and adventure theme park with four main areas: Jungola, Serenga, Nortica and Animazia, located in Emmen, the Netherlands. Jungola is jungle-themed and displays butterflies, tropical birds, large reptiles, ring-tailed lemurs, lar gibbons, small-clawed otters and Asian elephants. The most prominent feature of Jungola is the indoor tropical rainforest hall Rimbula, which at 18,000 m2 is the largest zoo jungle hall in the world and the largest greenhouse in Europe.

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