4 Botanical Gardens to Explore in Salzburg

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Salzburg is a state of the modern Republic of Austria. The region was widely settled in prehistoric times, both in the mountains and the Alpine foreland, because of its mineral resources. The tourist trade, including winter sports, is a major source of income, with the main centres at Salzburg city (especially its music and drama festivals), Badgastein, and Zell am See. The state has good road and rail communications.

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Botanical Gardens to Explore in Salzburg


The garden in the middle of the city of Salzburg offers impressive perspectives, views, colors and shapes. The variety of plants, the mixture of open, lively and shady, quiet areas inspire locals and guests from all over the world again and again. Visitors like to explore the beautiful winding paths, snap photos of the unique sculptures or simply drink in the sights. Angel Staircase, a supreme example of the Baroque style, impresses visitors daily.

Schloss Frohnburg

The Frohnburg is located on Hellbrunner Allee No. 53 in Salzburg in the Hellbrunn landscape garden . It was also called Grafenauerhof or Schloss Kuenburg in history and is a typical Salzburg country castle. Built around 1620 as a smaller building, the complex was initially owned by Baron Kuenburg , then Baron Froberg and again continuously between 1670 and 1960 by the Counts of Kuenburg.

Volksgarten Salzburg

The Salzburger Volksgarten is located in the Parsch district south of the Äußerer Stein settlement area and offers an outdoor pool , an ice rink, sports field and a public park. In summer strollers and bikers can relax at the pond with its big fountain and while enjoying the cool shadow of the trees you can watch the water birds. Most of the time the park is popular, but it is seldom crowded.

Zwergelgarten (Ehemalige Bastion der Stadtmauer)

The Zwergelgarten is part of the Mirabell Gardens and was in Salzburg originally Pigatlgarten , later often also pagoda garden . As far as is known, it is the oldest dwarf garden in Europe. The dwarfs were created after 1690 - like essentially the entire Mirabell Gardens according to plans by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach .

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