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10 Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Midlothian


Midlothian is a historic county, registration county, lieutenancy area and one of 32 council areas of Scotland used for local government. Midlothian lies in the east-central Lowlands, bordering the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

Baddinsgill Reservoir
Baddinsgill ReservoirBaddinsgill Reservoir EH46 7HL, UK

Baddinsgill Reservoir is a small reservoir close to Carlops. The reservoir occupies about 23.7 hectares. The Lyne Water is dammed to form the reservoir, not the Baddinsgill Burn, which joins the Lyne Water further south, below the reservoir. It is close to Baddinsgill House.

Clubbiedean Reservoir
Clubbiedean ReservoirClubbiedean Reservoir, Edinburgh, UK

Clubbiedean reservoir is situated a mile south of Colinton. It is one of the smaller reservoirs in the hills, managed by Clubbiedean Fishery, offering day permits for boats and bank fishing for rainbow and blue trout. A good location for a picnic and there are so many other adventure options too.

Gladhouse Reservoir
Gladhouse ReservoirGladhouse Reservoir, Gorebridge EH23, UK
Glencorse Reservoir
Glencorse ReservoirGlencorse Reservoir, Penicuik EH26, UK

A beautiful reservoir which was located in Midlothian, Scotland, UK, two miles west of Glencorse, in the Pentland Hills. The reservoir is not the primary source of drinking water for Edinburgh, but instead provides a top-up supply when the principal supply from the Megget Reservoir and Talla Reservoir are low. It is also one of the iconic picnic places in this area.

Leithen Water
Leithen WaterLeithen Water, Peebles EH45 8PN, UK

This is a tributary of the River Tweed in Scotland,. It rises in the Moorfoot Hills and joins the Tweed near the town of Innerleithen. The river lends its name to the character Sir Edward Leithen in a number of novels by John Buchan. A nice picnic spot and also there are so many options for leisure avtivited here.

Loganlea Reservoir
Loganlea ReservoirLoganlea Reservoir, Penicuik EH26, UK

The majestic Loganlea Reservoir is located in the Pentland Hills region of Midlothian. The reservoir was constructed by the Edinburgh Water Company under the provisions of an Act of Parliament obtained in 1847, and was completed in 1851.This Scottish reservoir is a hub for fishing and is often frequented by anglers.

Lyne Water
Lyne WaterLyne Water, United Kingdom

A beautiful tributary of the River Tweed which rises in the Pentland Hills of southern Scotland at Baddinsgill Reservoir. There is free fishing above Flemington Bridge, and below Flemington the river is part of the Peebles fishing authority. It runs through West Linton and Romannobridge, passes Flemington and Lyne Station and enters the Tweed west of Peebles

North Esk Reservoir
North Esk ReservoirNorth Esk Reservoir, Penicuik EH26 9NQ, UK

A small and beautiful reservoir situated north of Carlops, close to North Esk Cottage. It has an elevation of 342 metres. The reservoir was built by a consortium of Penicuik mill owners in 1850 to help regulate the flow of water in the river to give a constant supply to the numerous paper mills which had sprung up in the valley. This reservoir receives several streams, including the Gutterford Burn and Henshaw Burn and is the source of the River North Esk.

Portmore Loch
Portmore LochPortmore Loch, Peebles EH45 8QU, UK

A beautiful loch located at an elevation of 344 metres situated southeast of Earlypier, close to Hillhead, in the heart of Scotland. It is now operated by Scottish Water for the supply of drinking-water. A private recreational fishery is managed by Portmore Fishing Syndicate.

Threipmuir Reservoir
Threipmuir ReservoirThreipmuir Reservoir, Balerno EH14, UK

A beautiful reservoir located in the heart of City of Edinburgh Council area, Scotland, UK. It is situated to the south of Edinburgh at the base of the Pentland Hills, two miles south of Balerno. It was formed between 1843 and 1848 as a compensation reservoir for the Water of Leith by the Edinburgh Water Company. An iconic location for a picnic and also there are options for a small hke too.

Map of Lake/ River/ Ponds to explore in Midlothian