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Top 40 attractions you must visit in South Lanarkshire

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About South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire is one of 32 unitary authorities of Scotland. It borders the south-east of the City of Glasgow and contains some of Greater Glasgow's suburbs, also containing many towns and villages. It was flourished with so many tourist attractions and also you can spend some good time there.

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Attractions in South Lanarkshire

Biggar Gasworks Museum
Biggar Gasworks MuseumGas Works Rd, Biggar ML12 6BZ, UK

One of the first gasworks in Scotland and one of the last to close. Biggar Gasworks operated from 1839-1973 and has been preserved exactly as it was when it closed its doors for the last time. Come on a Steam Day and see the historic equipment at work.

Boghall Castle
Boghall CastleBoghall Ave, Biggar ML12 6JL, UK
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Boghall Castle was a 14th century castle to the south of Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Boghall became ruinous in the 19th century. The courtyard castle was built in the 14th century by the Fleming family, to replace the motte and bailey castle at Biggar. The castle was strategically sited where the valleys of the River Tweed and the River Clyde meet.

Bothwell Castle
Bothwell CastleCastle Ave, Uddingston, Bothwell, Glasgow G71 8BL, UK
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Bothwell is the largest and finest 13th-century stone castle in Scotland. Much of castle dates from 14th and 15th centuries, but part of the original circular keep survives. Located in a beautiful setting overlooking the River Clyde, part of the original circular keep of Bothwell Castle survives. Bothwell played a key role in Scotland's Wars of Independence, changing hands several times.

Bothwell Rd Park
Bothwell Rd ParkBothwell Rd, Glasgow, Hamilton ML3 0BE, UK

Bothwell Road Park is a large public park in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, which dates from 1894. It is located between the Hamilton West and Whitehill areas, around 1 mile north of Hamilton town centre. It is also known as Hamilton Public Park. The Hamilton Cenotaph is located within the park, as well as a traditional bandstand, erected in 1912, which is a category C listed building. There are also areas of ancient woodland and a children's play area.

Cadzow Castle
Cadzow CastleChatelherault Country Park, Hamilton ML3 7UE, UK
Iconic Buildings

Cadzow Castle is a place of last resort built by the Hamiltons, the Scottish royal dynasty that never was. Once one of the greatest noble houses in Scotland, the Hamiltons’ allegiance to Mary Queen of Scots brought about their downfall. The castle sits above a gorge overlooking the Avon Water in what is now Chatelherault Country Park, but was previously the hunting and pleasure grounds of the Duke of Hamilton's estate of Hamilton Palace - this area being known as Hamilton High Parks. The ruin is

Calderglen Country Park
Calderglen Country ParkStrathaven Rd, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 0QZ, UK
Outdoors- Other

Calderglen Country Park is a country park in the Scottish town of East Kilbride. It is situated along the eastern edge of the town and is its principle greenspace and recreation area. The visitor centre and adjoining facilities centre on the 17th century Torrance House which is a Category A listed building, and the remains of its adjoining landscaped policies.

Calderglen Zoo
Calderglen ZooTorrance Castle, Strathaven Rd, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 0QZ, UK

Calderglen Zoo opened in 1982 and is home to over 50 different species, some of which are critically endangered. Being about an acre in size, the zoo specialises in small creatures. You'll discover meerkats, families of monkeys, noisy Kookaburras, cheeky Ring-tailed Coati, and Burrowing Owls. Come and meet the smallest tortoise and the rarest bird.

Cartland Bridge
Cartland BridgeLanark Rd, Lanark ML11 9UF, UK

Cartland Bridge is one of the many intact similarly designed canal bridges built to span the Grand Canal by the Grand Canal Company. This section of the canal was opened in 1797. The voussoirs and string course contrast with the random rubble walls of the bridge providing textural variation. The carved name and date plaques are notable features on the bridge. It is notable for being the highest bridge over inland water in Scotland.It is a category B listed building.

Cartland Craigs
Cartland CraigsLanark Rd, Lanark ML11 8QL, UK
Outdoors- Other

Cartland Craigs is one of the most dramatic of the Clyde Valley's wooded gorges. The best starting point is the small car park by Cartland Bridge. This walk can be combined with Cleghorn Glen to give a fantastic full day's walking. It is a national nature reserve and is one of six areas which together form the Clyde Valley Woodlands.

Castlebank Park
Castlebank ParkSt Patrick's Rd, Lanark ML11 9EG, UK

Castlebank Park in Lanark is one of Scotland’s 71 Green Flag Parks. Free to visit, the park is open to the public all year and is very popular with families, dog walkers and nature enthusiasts. The park features beautiful garden areas, a Wildflower & Tree Trail, picnic benches, children’s play area and Horticulture Centre. The park is situated near the former site of Lanark Castle where the Sheriff of Lanark was slain by William Wallace in revenge for the murder of Marion Braidfute in 1297.

Chatelherault Country Park
Chatelherault Country ParkHamilton ML3 7UE, UK
Outdoors- Other

The Park has 500 acres of countryside and woodland and over ten miles of routed pathways. It features an adventure play ground, picnic facilities and is home to a listed 18th century hunting lodge. The country park is centred on the former hunting lodge, a folly designed to be seen from the now demolished Hamilton Palace at the end of a broad grass slope forming an avenue with lines of lime trees.

Cobbinshaw Reservoir
Cobbinshaw ReservoirCobbinshaw Reservoir, West Calder EH55, UK
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Cobbinshaw Reservoir is a reservoir in West Lothian, Scotland. It is situated near the Pentland Hills, 5 km south of West Calder. The 310-acre site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is popular with wildfowl. It was built by James Jardine to feed the Union Canal via the Bog Burn, Murieston Water, and through Mid Calder to the Almondell Aqueduct and Lin's Mill Canal Feeder which feeds into the canal just east of the Almond Aqueduct.

Corra Castle
Corra CastleM63C+9R, Lanark ML11 9TJ, UK
Iconic Buildings

Corra Castle is a ruined 16th-century castle within the Corehouse Estate near New Lanark, Scotland. It overlooks Corra Linn, one of the four waterfalls which make up the Falls of Clyde. In 1967 it became a scheduled monument. The site was chosen because it was seen as being impregnable, as it is surrounded by sharp cliffs on three sides. It features a ha-ha as part of its design, offering an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside.

Craignethan Castle
Craignethan CastleBlackwood, Lesmahagow, Lanark ML11 9PL, UK
Iconic Buildings

A ruined castle in South Lanarkshire, which dates back to around 1530, and functioned as a residential tower, protected by an artillery fortification. The oldest part is the tower house built by Sir James Hamilton of Finnart. The castle’s defences include a caponier, a stone vaulted artillery chamber, which is rare in Britain. Craignethan is recognised as an excellent early example of a sophisticated artillery fortification, although its defences were never fully tested

Crawford Castle
Crawford CastleCrawford, Biggar ML12 6TZ, UK
Iconic Buildings

Crawford Castle, substantially in ruins, is located on the north bank of the River Clyde, around half a mile north of Crawford, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The ruins stand on an earlier motte and bailey earthwork. The castle was formerly known as Lindsay Tower, after its former owners, the Lindsay family. The strategic location of the castle, at NS954213, guards the strategically important Mennock Pass from England into the upper Clyde Valley.

Culter Fell
Culter FellCulter Fell, Biggar ML12 6QB, UK
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Culter Fell is the highest of the Culter Hills: a sprawling mass of grassy summits stretching along the Scottish Borders / Lanarkshire boundary between Biggar and the M74. It is the culmination of a network of ridges that lie south of the village of Coulter, close to the town of Biggar. The slope is smooth and dry, the vegetation is short, and although there is no constructed footpath, helpful steps have been cut by the boots of previous climbers.

Cuningar Loop
Cuningar LoopDowniebrae Rd, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 1PW, UK
Outdoors- Other
David Livingstone Birthplace
David Livingstone Birthplace165 Station Rd, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 9BY, UK
Man-made Structures- Other

David Livingstone was a pioneering individual, who rose from humble beginnings in Blantyre, Scotland to become famous for his travels and his medical and missionary adventures in Africa. A Trust was set up in 1929 to hold and maintain a National Memorial and Museum on the site of Livingstone’s birth, which is made available to the public, providing an interesting, educational and enjoyable cultural experience.

Dollan Aqua Centre
Dollan Aqua CentreBrouster Hill, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 1AF, UK
Man-made Structures- Other

Dollan Aqua Centre is a 20th-century category A listed building in East Kilbride, Scotland. Designed by Alexander Buchanan Campbell and named after former Lord Provost Sir Patrick Dollan, it was opened in 1968 as Scotland's first 50-metre swimming pool. It consists principally of pre-stressed concrete and imitates a colossal marquee - the vaulted 324 ft parabolic arched roof appears to be held down by pairs of 'V' shaped-struts that meet the ground at a 30° angle.

Douglas Castle
Douglas CastleAyr Rd, Douglas, Lanark ML11 0RH, UK
Iconic Buildings

Douglas Castle was a stronghold of the Douglas family from medieval times to the 20th century. The first castle, erected in the 13th century, was destroyed and replaced several times until the 18th century when a large mansion house was built in its place. This too was demolished in 1938, and today only a single corner tower of the 17th-century castle remains. The castle was the former family seat of the Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

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