3 Forts to Explore in Brittany

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Brittany is the farthest west of the regions of Metropolitan France. It is named after the historic and geographic region of Brittany

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Forts to Explore in Brittany

Fort la Latte

Fort La Latte is a coastal defense fortress with a clear view of the English Channel and the Emerald Coast. The Castle was built between 1340 and 1370 by Étienne III Gouyon, Lord of Matignon. At present Fort la Latte can be visited for a fee. This impressive castle was built on a small piece of land at the Bay of the Fresnay in the 13th century. Various films have been shot at this site. This is a great castle with a unique keep in a beautiful location. But as it is a well-known tourist destina

Fort National

Fort National is a beautiful fort that was located on a tidal island a few hundred meters off the walled city of Saint-Malo. The great military architect Vauban had built it in 1689 to protect Saint-Malo's port. It was originally called Fort Royal. In 1789 Its name became Fort d'Îlette or Républicain, then Fort Impérial and, after 1870, Fort National. This was originally the site of a beacon that was lit at night to act as a lighthouse. One of the main attractions in this area which attracts a

Rue du Petit Bé

Located in the middle of the Bay of Saint-Malo with an exceptional panoramic view on the city of Saint-Malo. The fort was part of the defenses that Vauban designed to protect Saint-Malo from British and Dutch fleets. It consists of a horseshoe-shaped battery on the seaward side that has 19 embrasures for guns. The French army occupied the fort until 1885. Later, the army turned the fort over to the city of Saint-Malo.

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