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Top 64 attractions you must visit in Ticino

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About Ticino

The canton is named after the river Ticino, it is the only canton where Italian is the sole official language and represents the bulk of the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. Ticino hosts two World Heritage sites: the Three Castles of Bellinzona and Monte San Giorgio.

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Attractions in Ticino

 Adula massif
Adula massifVia Adula, 6710 Biasca, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Adula is a massif in the Lepontine Alps between the Saint-Gothard pass and the Splügen pass, mainly located in the cantons of Grisons and Ticino, but also in Lombardy. Its highest point is the Rheinwaldhorn, the highest peak in Ticino.

Alpe di Neggia
Alpe di NeggiaAlpe di Neggia, 6574 Gambarogno, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks
Mountain Passes

Alpe di Neggia is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It connects Vira and Indemini. The pass lies in the saddle between Monte Tamaro and Monte Gambarogno. The maximum grade of the pass road is 12 percent. One of the beautiful and panoramic location in this area which is suitable for trekking and camping too.

BasòdinoBasòdino, 28863 Cevio, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Basòdino is a mountain in the Lepontine Alps on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is the second-highest peak in the canton of Ticino, after the Rheinwaldhorn. On its summit is located a geodetic point of IGM named 05A901 Monte Basodino. One of the beautiful trekking destination in this area and also it offers a panoramic view of the area from the summit.

Blenio valley
Blenio valleyBlenio, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

The Blenio Valley in northern Ticino extends from the Lukmanier Pass down the valley to Biasca. In summer, hikers encounter well preserved old villages and art treasures on the valley trail from Biasca via Acquarossa to Olivone. The valley also offers a broad spectrum of cultural offerings, including a large number of museums and churches.

Brissago Islands
Brissago IslandsBrissago Islands, Ronco sopra Ascona, Switzerland

The Brissago Islands are one of Ticino’s most magical places - a small subtropical paradise on Lake Maggiore that is easily accessible by boat. The islands were used as a refuge by early Christians. The smaller Brissago island is covered by vegetation that grows of its own accord, and that is kept in its natural state.

Castles of Bellinzona
Castles of BellinzonaSalita Castelgrande 18, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

The castles of Bellinzona are one of Ticino's main attractions and, with the old walls that are still standing, are the sole medieval military complex in the Alpine region. They became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2000. Castelgrande, also known as Castello di San Michele or Burg Uri, is the oldest of these 13th-century castles. Two towers, Torre Nera and Torre Bianca dominate Bellinzona's Old Town. The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art are located in the Castelgrande.

Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Cathedral of Saint LawrenceVia Borghetto 1, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

The Cathedral of Saint Lawrence is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland. It was founded in the High Middle Ages but rebuilt in the late 15th century, with the façade completed in 1517. It is the seat of the Diocese of Lugano and dedicated to Saint Lawrence of Rome. One of the famous pilgrimage centers in this area and also a famous tourist destination too.

Centovalli6658 Centovalli, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

Centovalli is a valley and a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It is composed of 19 villages or hamlets "frazioni".The Centovalli is a hiking paradise. It offers untouched nature, breathtaking vistas, and a dense, well-groomed network of hiking trails.

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli AngeliPaese 2, 6633 Lavertezzo, Switzerland

The church of Santa Maria Degli Angeli is a late Romanesque religious building located in Lugano Centro. The church, which was originally part of a Franciscan monastery, is home to Switzerland's most famous Renaissance fresco. It covers the whole wall of the nave. The "Passion and Crucifixion of Christ" is defined by the great expressiveness and vividness of the individual scenes.

CimettaCimetta, 6645 Mergoscia, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Cimetta is a mountain in the Lepontine Alps, it is located above Locarno and Lake Maggiore. The Locarno–Madonna del Sasso funicular links Locarno city center with Orselina. From there a cable car connects to Cardada, from which a chair lift runs to the summit. It was one of the picturesque locations and a nice trekking destination in this area and you can enjoy each and every moment here.

CristallinaCristallina, 6696 Cevio, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Cristallina is a mountain of the Lepontine Alps, located in the Swiss canton of Ticino. It is situated between the valleys of Leventina, Val Bavona and Valle di Peccia the latter two belonging to the Valle Maggia. On the west side of the mountain is located the Passo Cristallina with the Cristallina Hut.

Ferrovia Monte Generoso SA
Ferrovia Monte Generoso SAVia Lüera 1, 6825 Capolago, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other
Mountain Peaks

The Monte Generoso railway or Ferrovia Monte Generoso is a mountain railway line in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, in south-east Switzerland. The line runs from Capolago, on Lake Lugano, to a terminus near the summit of Monte Generoso. It is the highest railway in Ticino. The summit offers extensive views over the Lombardy Plain, part of the Po Valley, and towards the Alps. Whilst the railway lies entirely within Switzerland, the summit station is only a few metres from the international

Furka Pass
Furka PassFurka Pass, 3999 Obergoms, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Furka Pass, a mountain pass between Uri and Valais cantons of south-central Switzerland. It lies at 7,976 feet, just south of the Dammastock peak. It is crossed by road and railway, which connect Andermatt with Gletsch. The road, constructed mainly for military reasons, is now noted for its scenic views of the Rhône Glacier and of the Bernese and Pennine Alps. The railway, which passes through the mile-long Furka Tunnel, is part of a larger railroad system connecting eastern and western Switzerl

GazzirolaGazzirola, 6951 Lugano, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Gazzirola is an imposing mountain, from whose top there are three ridges. From the south-western side of the mountain rises the Cassarate river which forms the Val Colla. It was a nice place which is blessed with natural beauty and also it gives some opportunities for some adventure activities too.

Gornergrat Railway
Gornergrat RailwayBahnhofpl. 9, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other
Mountain Peaks

The Gornergrat Railway is a mountain rack railway, located in the Swiss canton of Valais. It links the resort village of Zermatt, situated at 1,604 m above mean sea level, to the summit of the Gornergrat. The Gornergrat railway station is situated at an altitude of 3,089 m, which makes the Gornergrat Railway the second highest railway in Europe after the Jungfrau, and the highest open-air railway on the continent. The line opened in 1898 and was the first electric rack railway to be built in Swi

Gotthard-Strassentunnel (Gotthard Tunnel)
Gotthard-Strassentunnel (Gotthard Tunnel)Gotthard-Strassentunnel, Airolo, Switzerland

The Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland runs from Göschenen in the canton of Uri at its northern portal, to Airolo in Ticino to the south, and is 16.9 kilometres in length below the St Gotthard Pass, a major pass of the Alps. At the time of construction, in 1980, it was the longest road tunnel in the world; it is currently the fifth-longest. Although it is a motorway tunnel, part of the A2 from Basel to Chiasso, it consists of only one bidirectional tube with two lanes. With a maximum elevation

GridoneGridone, Palagnedra, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Gridone, Ghiridone, or Monte Limidario is a mountain of the Lepontine Alps, overlooking Lake Maggiore near Brissago. At 2,188 meters above sea level, its summit straddles the border between Italy and Switzerland. The summit can be easily reached from both sides, although it is nearly 2,000 meters above Lake Maggiore.

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
LAC Lugano Arte e CulturaPiazza Bernardino Luini 6, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Art Centres

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura is the new Arts Centre dedicated to the visual arts, music and the performing arts, which promises to become one of Switzerland’s most important cultural institutions, with the aim of promoting a wide range of art and establishing Lugano as a cultural crossroads between northern and southern Europe.

Lago del Narèt
Lago del NarètLago del Narèt, 6696 Lavizzara, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Lago del Narèt is a high mountain lake in Val Sambuco, Ticino. The interesting feature of this lake is that it is not a naturally arising mountain lake, but a reservoir, formed in 1970 by the construction of two dams around the area. Several mountain streams flow into this lake, which in turn join the River Maggia. It can be easily accessed through the various hiking trails nearby and also offers outstanding views of the Lago del Sambuco and the top section including the dam itself.

Lago del Sambuco
Lago del SambucoLago del Sambuco, 6696 Lavizzara, Switzerland

Lago del Sambuco is a reservoir above Fusio, in the municipality of Lavizzara, Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 1.11 km². The dam of Sambuco on the Maggia River was completed in 1956. Its maximum height is 130 m and length 363 m. The dam can be crossed on foot, then there is a mountain trail to the foot of the dam and on the other side back to the starting point.

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