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7 Outdoors- Other to explore in Grisons


The canton of Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland. The canton features beautiful mountain views, Biosphere Reserves, and Nature Park.

Chur Bergbahnen (Brambrüesch)
Chur Bergbahnen (Brambrüesch)Kasernenstrasse 15, 7007 Chur, Switzerland

The slope terrace Brambrüesch is located in the southwest of the city of Chur on the northeast slope of the Dreibündenstein in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, it belongs to the municipality of Churwalden. Brambrüesch is a local recreation area (skiing and hiking area) and is made accessible to tourists by Bergbahnen Chur-Dreibündenstein AG.

Morteratsch Glacier
Morteratsch GlacierMorteratsch Glacier, 7504 Pontresina, Switzerland

The Morteratsch Glacier is by surface area the largest glacier in the Bernina Range of the Grisons Alps, which was Nestled in a majestic mountain world. Like huge tongues, the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers push themselves from the snow-covered peaks of Piz Palu and Piz Bernina towards Pontresina.

Parc Ela
Parc ElaSwitzerland

Parc Ela is the largest nature park in Switzerland. It is located in a varied landscape at the Alpine passes of Albula, Julier and Septimer and offers unspoiled nature. one third of Parc Ela is untouched landscape. One that encompasses peaks like the Piz Lunghin which sends its waters on a voyage to three oceans. Or the magical Alp Flix – with over 2000 species of plant and animal, a veritable treasure island of biodiversity.

Ruinaulta7104, Versam, Switzerland

It is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Graubünden and is unique in the Alpine region. In the wild gorges, you can experience pure adrenalin while river rafting or take a hike along the craggy rock formations. An easily accessible hiking trail and several biking trails along the Rhine also present excellent opportunities to have a barbecue, create stone mounds or dip your feet in the water.

Val Calanca
Val CalancaVal Calanca, 6546 Calanca, Switzerland

The Val Calanca is a valley of the Swiss Alps, located in the Lepontine Alps. The valley is drained by the Calancasca, a tributary of the Moesa , at Roveredo. The highest mountains surrounding the Val Calanca are the Puntone dei Fraciòn and the Zapporthorn. The valley belongs to the Moesa District, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The main villages are : Rossa, Cauco, Selma, Arvigo, Buseno and Santa Maria in Calanca.

Val d’Uina
Val d’UinaVal d’Uina, 7554 Scuol, Switzerland

The Val d'Uina is a small side valley of the Lower Engadine between the Piz S-chalambert in the north-east and Piz Lischana in the south-west. The Uina flows through it and flows into the Inn Valley at Sur En . In the valley lie the two hamlets of Uina Dadaint and Uina Dadora, which have been inhabited all year round for centuries and are now only cultivated in summer. In Uina Dadaint, a house and a stable with barn are still preserved. In Uina Dadora, at 1499 m, the Val Curtinatsch, the large

Val Poschiavo
Val PoschiavoVal Poschiavo, 7745 Poschiavo, Switzerland

Val Poschiavo is a valley in the southern, Italian-speaking part of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The main town is Poschiavo. The authentic natural and cultural landscape of the Puschlav which is 25 kilometers long as the crow flies extends from the giant ice peaks of the Bernina Mountain Range all the way down to the vineyards of the Veltlin. Woven into it are a great many sites of natural beauty, pretty towns with interesting cultural monuments, churches and palaces.

Map of Outdoors- Other to explore in Grisons