Val d’Uina in Grisons, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Val d’Uina

Val d’Uina, 7554 Scuol, Switzerland

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About Val d’Uina

The Val d'Uina is a small side valley of the Lower Engadine between the Piz S-chalambert in the north-east and Piz Lischana in the south-west. The Uina flows through it and flows into the Inn Valley at Sur En .  In the valley lie the two hamlets of Uina Dadaint and Uina Dadora, which have been inhabited all year round for centuries and are now only cultivated in summer. In Uina Dadaint, a house and a stable with barn are still preserved. In Uina Dadora, at 1499  m, the Val Curtinatsch, the large

Attractions near Val d’Uina

Castle of Tarasp9.35km from Val d’Uina

Tarasp Castle is a castle in Switzerland, near the former municipality of Tarasp (now Scuol), in Lower Engadin, Graubünden. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance. It was one of the main historical attrition in this area and also a worth visit place. From here we an understand the Swiss architecture's intelligence.

Reschen Pass9.85km from Val d’Uina

Reschen Pass is an Alpine pass in Italy, located not far from the Austrian border, near Switzerland and the triple border point, separating from the point of orographic view of the western Rhaetian Alps from the eastern Rhaetian Alps and connecting the Tyrol and Alto Adige.  Reschen is one of the principal passes of the Alps, located between Brenner Pass to the east and the Splügen to the west. It is part of the drainage divide between the Danube in the north and the Adige in the south.

Reschensee11.51km from Val d’Uina

The Lake Resia is an artificial alpine lake situated at 1,498 m above sea level in the municipality of Curon Venosta in South Tyrol, north of the nearby Lake San Valentino Alla Muta. With its capacity of 120 million cubic meters, it is the largest lake in the province of Bolzano. The three original natural lakes are attested in 1373 as Drei Seen Auf der Malserhaide and in 1770 as Rescher See.

Fuorn Pass19.02km from Val d’Uina

Fuorn Pass or Ofen Pass is a high alpine mountain pass in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The name is based on the ovens that were used in ironworks in the area. The ruins of these ovens can still be seen from nearby trails.  It connects Zernez in the Engadin valley with Val Müstair, crossing the Swiss National Park in Switzerland.

Convent of St. John Müstair19.68km from Val d’Uina

The Convent of Müstair, which stands in a valley in the Grisons, is a good example of Christian monastic renovation during the Carolingian period. It has Switzerland's greatest series of figurative murals, painted c. A.D. 800, along with Romanesque frescoes and stuccoes.

Swiss National Park20.23km from Val d’Uina

The Swiss National Park stretches over 170 square kilometre and is Switzerland’s largest nature reserve. The area lies in Engadin/Münstertal and encompasses alpine terrain rising from 1’400 to 3’200 m above sea level. The foundation of the Swiss National Park in 1914 was a milestone in the history of nature conservation. It was the first national park in the Alps and Central Europe, it is known for its abundance of Alpine animals and Alpine plants in a barely touched pristine landscape.

Where is Val d’Uina

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