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Top 25 attractions you must visit in Basel-Landschaft

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About Basel-Landschaft

The canton of Basel-Landschaft lies in the northwestern corner of Switzerland just south of the canton of Basel-Stadt. The Canton of Basel offers a variety of beautiful landscapes, impressive natural and cultural jewels.

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Attractions in Basel-Landschaft

BelchenflueBelchenflue, 4614 Eptingen, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The highest point on the Belchenflue at 1,099m above sea level offers incomparable views over the Black Forest, the Vosges, and the Alps. For the Celts, the Belchenflue was a marker for determining the positions of the sun, while in the First World War, it served as a key observation point for the Hauenstein fortification. it was one of the famous tourist attractions in this area and also a beautiful trekking destination.

BirsigBirsig, Basel, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Birsig is a fairly small river in eastern France and northern Switzerland. The source is in the village of Biederthal, in the French Haut-Rhin department, near the Swiss border. Birsig is about 21 kilometers long, and the water separation area is around 82 square kilometers. It flows variably through Swiss and French territory and through the Birsig Valley. It was one of the beautiful places in this area and also a picnic spot.

Bischofstein Castle
Bischofstein CastleIsleten 14, 4450 Sissach, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Bishofstein Castle is a castle in the municipality of Sissach of the canton of Basel-Land in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance

Challhöchi Pass
Challhöchi PassChallhöchi Pass, 4458 Eptingen, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Challhöchi Pass is a mountain pass in the Jura Mountains on the border of the cantons of Basel-Country and Solothurn in Switzerland. The pass road links Eptingen and Ifenthal or Hägendorf.

EggflueEggflue, 4148 Pfeffingen, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

The Eggflue is 688 m above sea level. M. one of the peaks of a wooded mountain ridge, which bears the name Blauen as one of several mountains in this region. On the northern slope towards Pfeffingen, the mountain drops steeply, so that there is a panoramic view over the western part of the canton of Basel-Landschaft and over the canton of Basel-Stadt to Lörrach.

GempenturmGempenturm, Gempenturmstrasse, 4145 Gempen, Switzerland
Viewing Decks

The Gempenturm is an observation tower on the Gempenplateau in the municipality of Gempen in the canton of Solothurn . The steel lattice tower has five floors and was built in 1897. You can reach the viewing platform at a height of 28 meters via 115 steps. It offers a view of the Basel area, Alsace and the Vosges, Basel and the Black Forest, making it a popular destination.

Hinteri Egg
Hinteri EggHinteri Egg, 4437 Waldenburg, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Hinteri Egg is an 8.4 kilometer out and back trail located near Langenbruck, Basel Country, Switzerland that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips.

KaltbrunnentalstrasseKaltbrunnentalstrasse, Brislach, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

The Kaltbrunnental, an enchanted place not only because of the dense, rustic forest - so dreamy and magical that it would not be surprising if fairies or prehistoric humans came out from behind the moss-covered rocks. It stretches with up to 60 m high, steep rock faces from Meltingen along the Ibach to its confluence with the Birs at Chessiloch .

Kunsteisbahn Margarethen
Kunsteisbahn MargarethenIm Margarethenpark 10, 4053 Basel, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other

Patinoire des Vernets is an arena located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is primarily used for ice hockey and is the home arena of Genève-Servette HC. Opened in 1958, it has a seating capacity for 7,135 people. The arena hosted the 1962 FIBA Champions Cup final in which Dynamo Tbilisi of Georgia defeated Real Madrid 90–83. The 1976 and 1984 finals of the same competition were also hosted at the arena. Patinoire des Vernets also hosted the 1991 cup winners cup final.

Kunsthaus Baselland
Kunsthaus BasellandSt. Jakobs-Strasse 170, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland
Art Galleries

The Kunsthaus Baselland is an institution for contemporary art supported by the Kunstverein Baselland in the Baselland community of Muttenz on the canton border with Basel-Stadt. The exhibition house is located in a former commercial building acquired by the Kunstverein in 1997 next to the St. Jakob football stadium.

Merian Gärten
Merian GärtenVorder Brüglingen, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Botanical Gardens

The Merian Gardens are a beautiful botanical garden, a historic park and a carefully designed place for relaxation on the outskirts of the city of Basel. They draw visitors all year round with their stunning array of blooms, unique variety of plants and impressive botanical collections. there is a surprising variety of things to discover in the 18-hectare park, and it is also a place to spend some leisure time eith your family,

Museum.BLZeughauspl. 28, 4410 Liestal, Switzerland

The Museum.BL is the canton museum of the canton of Basel-Landschaft in Switzerland. It is centrally located in the historic old town of the canton capital Liestal in the premises of the former armory and is part of Basel's other museum landscape. The museum is mainly dedicated to the nature and culture of the region and also sees itself as an open forum for a lively and critical examination of the environment, history, and the present.

Oberer Hauenstein Pass
Oberer Hauenstein PassOberer Hauenstein Pass, 4438 Langenbruck, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Oberer Hauenstein Pass is a mountain pass in the Jura Mountains on the border between the cantons of Basel-Country and Solothurn in Switzerland. It connects Balsthal and Waldenburg.

Pfeffingen Castle
Pfeffingen CastleWaldschule 140, 4148 Pfeffingen, Switzerland
Old Ruins

The ruins of Pfeffingen Castle are among the largest castle ruins in the canton Basel-Country and constitute a monument of national significance. In recent years, they were found to be seriously damaged in various places, which not only threatened the historical structure, but also posed a danger for visitors, so a comprehensive general reconstruction was planned.

Regional Nature Park Thal
Regional Nature Park ThalHölzlistrasse 57, 4710 Balsthal, Switzerland

Switzerland’s most central nature reserve, and its touristic offer is one of the most attractive: the wide valley of the river Dünnern behind the Weissenstein, the local mountain to Solothurn, awaits visitors with eager anticipation. It is located in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn, bordering the cantons of Bern and Basel-Landschaft.

Rhine Falls
Rhine FallsRheinfallquai, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls came into being at the transition point where hard chalk turned into soft gravel. Over a breadth of 150 meters, several hundred cubic meters of water rush into the depths at the rate of 23 meters per second. In the middle of it all stands a mighty rock that has withstood the elements for a thousand years. The rock can be reached on a circular tour of the Rhine Falls, during which one can observe the natural spectacle from up close.

Ruine Gilgenberg
Ruine GilgenbergSchlossweg 198, 4234 Zullwil, Switzerland
Old Ruins

The Gilgenberg ruins are the ruins of a hilltop castle in the area of ​​the municipality of Zullwil in the canton of Solothurn . It stands at 710 m above sea level. M. on a rock spur in a wooded valley basin southeast of the village of Zullwil and can be easily reached from the village on a marked hiking trail in around 10 minutes.

Ruine Waldenburg
Ruine Waldenburg4437 Waldenburg, Switzerland
Old Ruins

The ruins of Waldenburg towers high above the medieval town. The visitor can see the significant remains of a bailiff's castle here. The Waldenburg ruin is situated on top of the narrow, rocky Rehag ridge, giving it a good strategic view of the Upper Hauenstein Pass. The well-preserved ruins are now open to visitors. As the oldest parts of Waldenburg castle are older than the town, it's likely that the castle was originally built in order to collect tolls for travelling through the pass.

Ruins Fürstenstein
Ruins FürstensteinCholholz, 4107 Ettingen, Switzerland
Old Ruins

Nestled in the heart of the wonderful rolling hills of Basel-Country, the ruins of Farnsburg Castle are a popular destination for hikers. The ruins are the remains of a 14th century castle. A good starting point for a hike to the ruins is the Landgasthof Farnsburg - from here it is 20 minutes walk to the ruins. There are also BBQ and picnic facilities in close proximity to the ancient ruins.

Schelten Pass
Schelten PassSchelten Pass, 2827 Mervelier, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Schelten Pass is a high mountain pass in the Jura Mountains between the cantons of Jura and Solothurn in Switzerland. It connects Mervelier and Ramiswil and is the most direct route from Delémont and Balsthal. The pass road has a maximum grade of 12 percent. Many bunkers and fortifications built by the Swiss Army during World War II are still visible on the pass. Hiking paths lead from the pass to Hohe Winde, Passwang, and Delémont.

Map of attractions in Basel-Landschaft