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3 Parks to explore in Viken


Viken county takes its name from the historic region of Viken.

Langedrag Nature Park
Langedrag Nature Park3544 Tunhovd, Norway

The nature park is known for its collection of various old livestock breeds and wild animals from the Norwegian fauna. Visitors experience exciting predator mammals like wolves and European lynxes, in addition to reindeer, moose, muskox, etc.

Ramme Gaard
Ramme GaardRammeveien 90, 1545 Hvitsten, Norway

Ramme Gaard is an organic farm and country estate, located in Viken, Norway. It is developed as a working farm on organic principles from its inception, the Baroque garden which is open to the public features sculptures, ponds, fountains, and cascades.

Thunder Coaster
Thunder Coaster1407 As, Norway

Thundercoaster is Norway's only wooden roller coaster Manufactured by Dutch manufacturer Vekoma. Thundercoaster's track is 950 meters in length and features a maximum drop of 32 meters at an angle of 57.4 degrees.

Map of Parks to explore in Viken