Langedrag Nature Park in Viken, Norway - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Langedrag Nature Park

3544 Tunhovd, Norway

Outdoors- Other

About Langedrag Nature Park

The nature park is known for its collection of various old livestock breeds and wild animals from the Norwegian fauna. Visitors experience exciting predator mammals like wolves and European lynxes, in addition to reindeer, moose, muskox, etc.

Attractions near Langedrag Nature Park

Hallingdal Museum17.51km from Langedrag Nature Park

It is one of the oldest open-air museums in Norway. The museum has 30 historic buildings and some 30,000 artifacts from the region of Hallingdal.

Gardnos crater23.43km from Langedrag Nature Park

Gardnos crater is 5 kilometers in diameter and was created when a meteorite with an estimated diameter of 200 to 300 meters struck 500 million years ago.

Norefjell45.56km from Langedrag Nature Park

Norefjell Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Norway located on the mountainside of Norefjell. Plenty of ski rentals and shops are there to fulfill your skiing adventure.

Krøderen46.48km from Langedrag Nature Park

Krøderen is a beautiful lake located in Buskerud, Norway. It is 41 kilometers long and he primary river flowing into it is Hallingdalselva to the north.

Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell Nature Reserve48.56km from Langedrag Nature Park

Trillemarka is a Nature Reserve consists of one of the largest natural forest areas in central Østlandet and includes virgin forest and 93 red list species.

Skogshorn49.3km from Langedrag Nature Park

The summit of Skogshorn is a popular destination for day-trips both summer and winter.

Where is Langedrag Nature Park

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