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Top 9 attractions you must visit in Sagaing Region

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Attractions in Sagaing Region

(Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge
(Sagaing Bridge)The Ava BridgeThe Inwa Bridge, Sagaing, Myanmar (Burma)

The Ava Bridge is a 16 span cantilever bridge between Ava and Sagaing, Mandalay Division, Burma. It was built by the British in 1934. The bridge was destroyed by the retreating British Army during World War II and was rebuilt in 1954 after Burmese independence. It was the only bridge to span the Irrawaddy River until recent times, when a spate of bridge construction has been carried out by the government including the new Irrawaddy Bridge.

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda
Kaunghmudaw PagodaSitee, Sagaing City, Sagaing Township, စစ်ကိုင်းမြို့, Myanmar (Burma)
Buddhist Temples

Kaunghmudaw Pagoda is a 17th Century Buddhist religious site located in Sagaing, near Mandalay in Myanmar. Modeled on the Ruwanwelisaya Stupa in Sri Lanka, the Kaunghmudaw Pagoda was originally painted white, however, it was controversially painted gold by the government of Myanmar a few years ago and the local people are now campaigning for the pagoda to be returned to it original color.

Laykyun Sekkya
Laykyun SekkyaKhatakan Taung, Monywa, Myanmar, Myanmar (Burma)
Buddhist Temples

The Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Sekkya standing Buddha statue having 116 metres height is the second tallest statue in the world. It is located at the back of a large religious site with bodhi trees, gardens containing hundreds of sitting Buddhas, and a huge reclining Buddha lying in front of the Laykyun Sekkya.The interior of the main structure features depictions of Buddhist teachings, including some alarming images of depravity and the punishment of evil-doers, and so more. You can climb several fl

Mingun Bell
Mingun BellMin Kun, Myanmar (Burma)
Man-made Structures- Other

Mingun Bell located in Mingun, Sagaing Region, near Mandalay and Irrawaddy River. It was the heaviest functioning bell in the world at several times in history. The weight of the bell is around 90,718 kilograms. The bell is uncracked and in good ringing condition. The bell does not have a clanger but is rung by striking the outer edge.

Mingun Pahtodawgyi
Mingun PahtodawgyiMin Kun, Myanmar (Burma)
Buddhist Temples

Mingun Pahtodawgyi lies in Mingun. Sagaing Division. It is one of the famous monuments in the world. It was one of the big fours built by King Bodawpaya around the place. It was built on the fifth waxing day of Tabodwe of 1152 ME. around 1791. But it was left unfinished due to a prophesy that. once the pagoda was completed. the country would break.

Pho Win Taung, ဖိုလ်ဝင်တောင်
Buddhist Temples

Phowintaung is a Buddhist cave complex located approximately 25 kilometers west of Monywa and 10 kilometers southeast of Yinmabin, in Yinmabin Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Region, Northern Burma. It is located on the western bank of the Chindwin River. The name of the complex means Mountain of Isolated Solitary Meditation. The complex contains 947 small and large richly decorated caves. It is carved into a sandstone outcrop and contains numerous carved Buddha statues.

Powin Taung
Powin TaungPowin Taung, Myanmar (Burma)

The Caves of Po Win Taung, numbering more than one hundred, is full of Buddhist statues and murals. Most exhibit the Innwa style but some may date from the 14th century. Nearby, visit Shwe Ba Taung, which features unique pavilions cut from the surrounding sandstone and filled with Buddha images. It was one of the famous places in this area and a lot of peoples visits to this place every day.

Settawya Pagoda
Settawya PagodaMin Kun, Myanmar (Burma)
Buddhist Temples

A beautiful Buddhist pagoda which was located in the heart of Sagaing which was built in the early 19th-century at the behest of King Bodawpaya Konbaung. This Pagoda is located several hundred feet from the Irrawaddy River, and the temple contains a marble footprint of the Buddha.

Umin Thonze Pagoda
Umin Thonze PagodaSagaing, Myanmar (Burma)
Buddhist Temples

The U Min Thonze Pagoda is another pagoda on Sagaing Hill, next to the Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda and the Sagaing Buddha Cave. This Pagoda is one of the most striking complexes on the main summit of Sagaing. U Min means caves and Thonze means thirty. This pagoda consists of 45 beautiful gilt Buddha images in a crescent-shaped colonnade partially built into the side of Sagaing Hill. Each Buddha statue is unique, in different sizes and facial expressions. It was built by the revered monk Padugyi Tha

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