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The Ava Bridge is a 16 span cantilever bridge between Ava and Sagaing, Mandalay Division, Burma. It was built by the British in 1934. The bridge was destroyed by the retreating British Army during World War II and was rebuilt in 1954 after Burmese independence. It was the only bridge to span the Irrawaddy River until recent times, when a spate of bridge construction has been carried out by the government including the new Irrawaddy Bridge.

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Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery

Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery

1.62km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

The Maha Aung Mye Bonzan Monastery is a fine example of Burmese monastery architecture during the Konbaung dynasty. The monastery, also known as the Brick Monastery is a well-preserved building in ochre color. The very ornate structure is decorated with intricate stuccoed sculptures. It was built by Queen Me Nu, wife of King Bagyidaw of the Konbaung dynasty in 1818 as the residence of the Royal Abbott. It is also known as Me Nu Oak Kyaung which translates to Me Nu’s brick monastery.

Vérochana Jade Pagoda

Vérochana Jade Pagoda

2.79km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

Kyauksein Pagoda, formally known as the Varocana Kyauksein Zedi, is a Buddhist pagoda located in the outskirts of Amarapura, Mandalay Region, Myanmar. The pagoda itself is covered over 10,000 long tons of jade, rising to a height of 75 feet 6 inches, and is reputed to be the world's first jade pagoda. It was now one of the famous places in this area and is also a historically important place.

Bagaya Monastery

Bagaya Monastery

3.64km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

The Bagaya Monastery, located in Inwa, Mandalay Region, Burma is a Buddhist monastery built on the southwest of Inwa Palace. This magnificent monastery is also known as Maha Waiyan Bontha Bagaya Monastery. During King Hsinbyushin's reign, Maha Thiri Zeya Thinkhaya, town officer of Magwe built the monastery in the Bagaya monastic establishment and dedicated to Shin Dhammabhinanda. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Burma.

Umin Thonze Pagoda

Umin Thonze Pagoda

4.85km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

The U Min Thonze Pagoda is another pagoda on Sagaing Hill, next to the Soon U Ponya Shin Pagoda and the Sagaing Buddha Cave. This Pagoda is one of the most striking complexes on the main summit of Sagaing. U Min means caves and Thonze means thirty. This pagoda consists of 45 beautiful gilt Buddha images in a crescent-shaped colonnade partially built into the side of Sagaing Hill. Each Buddha statue is unique, in different sizes and facial expressions. It was built by the revered monk Padugyi Tha

Mahagandhayon Monastery

Mahagandhayon Monastery

6.27km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

Mahāgandhāyon Monastery, located in Amarapura, Myanmar, is the country's most prominent monastic college. The monastery, known for its strict adherence to the Vinaya, the Buddhist monastic code. he monastery was first established by Agatithuka Sayadaw. It was now one of the key attractions in this area.

Nagayon Temple

Nagayon Temple

6.96km from (Sagaing Bridge)The Ava Bridge

Nagayon Temple is a Buddhist temple in Amarapura, a former royal capital in Mandalay Region, Myanmar. The temple's exterior is known for its unusual design. The roof of the temple is draped by the naga Mucalinda, who protected the Buddha from the elements while achieving enlightenment.

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