Magway Region - 3 Attractions You Must Visit


About Magway Region

In this region, excavation activities revealed fossils of primates that are more than 40 million years old. Magway is also home to two large wildlife sanctuaries and Plenty of pagodas that attract thousands of visitors to the region.

Types of Attractions in Magway Region

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List of Attractions in Magway Region

Myathalun Pagoda

Myathalun Pagoda

Buddhist Temples

The Mya Tha Lun Pagoda is the landmark of Magway located on the riverside of the Irrawaddy. the pagoda was initially built by a wealthy man called U Baw Gyaw and his wife. It was raised from its original height of 55.5 feet to a height of 87 feet by King Saw Lu of Bagan. It is famous because The Bed of Buddha is placed inside it.

Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda(၁)

This is a prominent Buddhist pagoda located close to historic Bagan City which was created by King Anawrahta in 1059 AD. It is believed to have up 4 tooth relics of Gautama Buddha. It has an image of Buddha, a statue of Ananda, and a forest guardian as main attractions, and also there are so many things to see in and around this pagoda.

Yokesone Monastery

Yokesone Monastery

Buddhist Temples

A beautiful historic Buddhist monastery which was located in the heart of the Magway region. This monastery was famous for its architectural intelligence and also historical importance. It was constructed with 153 teak posts, each more than 3 feet in diameter, which hold the building up about 10 feet above the ground. Nowadays a lot of tourists visit this place.

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