Myathalun Pagoda in Magway Region, Myanmar - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Myathalun Pagoda

Magway, Myanmar (Burma)

Buddhist Temples

About Myathalun Pagoda

The Mya Tha Lun Pagoda is the landmark of Magway located on the riverside of the Irrawaddy. the pagoda was initially built by a wealthy man called U Baw Gyaw and his wife. It was raised from its original height of 55.5 feet to a height of 87 feet by King Saw Lu of Bagan. It is famous because The Bed of Buddha is placed inside it.

Attractions near Myathalun Pagoda

Yokesone Monastery75.94km from Myathalun Pagoda

A beautiful historic Buddhist monastery which was located in the heart of the Magway region. This monastery was famous for its architectural intelligence and also historical importance. It was constructed with 153 teak posts, each more than 3 feet in diameter, which hold the building up about 10 feet above the ground. Nowadays a lot of tourists visit this place.

Taung Kalat88.03km from Myathalun Pagoda

The Taung Kalat is a Buddhist monastery which was located in the top of a volcanic plug and is one of several prominent nat spiritual sites in the vicinity of nearby Mount Popa. The site is a popular pilgrimage destination and is considered a source of nat spiritual energy.

Mount Popa90.53km from Myathalun Pagoda

Mount Popa is an extinct volcano 1518 meters above sea level and located in central Myanmar in the region of Mandalay about 50 km southeast of Bagan in the Pegu Range. It can be seen from the Ayeyarwady  River as far away as 60 km in clear weather. Mount Popa is perhaps best known as a pilgrimage site, with numerous Nat temples and relic sites atop the mountain.

Lawkananda Pagoda106.69km from Myathalun Pagoda

Lawkananda Pagoda was built by King Anawrahta during his reign in 1059. The pagoda has enshrined the Buddha’s tooth relic in Bagan. It was erected on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Lawkananda would be the first to see with its distinctive elongated cylindrical dome. It is still used as an everyday place of worship and is thought to house an important Buddha-tooth replica.

Dhammayazaka(Dhammayazika) Pagoda108.48km from Myathalun Pagoda

The Dhammayazika Pagoda is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Pwasaw in Myanmar. It was built in 1196 during the reign of King Narapatisithu. The pagoda is circular in design and is made of brick. Its three terraces contain terra cotta tiles illustrating scenes from the Jataka.

Apalyadana Temple109.06km from Myathalun Pagoda

A 12th-century Buddhist temple which was located in the heart of Bagan. The temple complex has a large central temple, which has a rectangular plan. The main idol of the temple is a brick image of Gautama Buddha. It is now one of the key attraction in this area and daily a lot of peoples visits to this place.

Where is Myathalun Pagoda

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Magway Region3 attractions

In this region, excavation activities revealed fossils of primates that are more than 40 million years old. Magway is also home to two large wildlife sanctuaries and Plenty of pagodas that attract thousands of visitors to the region.