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About Aurora

The Province of Aurora lies at the mid-eastern coast of Luzon some 232 kilometers from Manila. The province is shaped by its rich history and vibrant cultural heritage.

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List of Attractions in Aurora

Aurora Memorial National Park

Maria Aurora Memorial Park lies inland from the towns of Baler and Maria Aurora in central Aurora Province and eastern Nueva Ecija. The main habitats in the park are lowland rainforest, montane forest, and secondary scrub, and there are also areas of arable land, small settlements and rural gardens. The maximum altitude of the park is reported to be 1,000 m, so the main forest type inside the park must be lowland dipterocarp, with only limited areas of montane forest. Land uses inside the park i

Diayo Dam

The Canili-Diayo Dam and Reservoir is probably the most beautiful irrigation dam in the country. The dam is a part of the town Maria Aurora in the province Aurora

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