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About Bangka Belitung Islands

The name "Bangka" is derived from the word wangka meaning "tin" in Sanskrit, because this region is indeed rich in tin mining. The name "Belitung" is derived from "Billitonite" meaning the Black Meteorite in Dutch, which is commonly found on the island of Belitung.

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List of Attractions in Bangka Belitung Islands

Jalan Raya Pasir Padi

Pasir Padi Beach is one of the beaches on the island of Bangka. The beach is facing directly into the South China Sea. Has a coastline of 300 meters with calm waves, color white sand and dense. Pasir Padi Beach area is an area of tourism potential in Pangkal Pinang. Visitors from outside the region or abroad, both of which arrived through Depati Amir Airport and the Port of Pangkal Balam, can go straight to the beach.

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