2 Churches to Explore in Richmond County

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Richmond County

The county is named for Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond, a British politician and office-holder sympathetic to the cause of the American colonies. Richmond was also a first cousin to King George III.

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Churches to Explore in Richmond County

Sacred Heart Cultural Center

It was built by Jesuit priests and its first service was on December 2, 1900, in Augusta, Georgia.The Sacred Heart Cultural Center, known also as Sacred Heart Catholic Church, is an events center and a former Roman Catholic Church. It is also one of the more notable and recognized landmarks in the city.

Saint Paul's Church

Saint Paul's Church is an impressive historical site. Built in 1842 and listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since 1978, the church has served a cherished and beloved place for generations of locals to say their prayers and practice their faith. Modeled after architecture from the Greek Revival period, Saint Paul's Church is a beautiful example of Classical Revival style and its interior boasts stylishly detailed intricacies.

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