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Top 2 attractions to explore in Betul

Betul district is situated on the height of 365 meters above sea level and above sea level in Satpura mountain ranges. The district is a part of the Narmadapuram Division.

Satpura DamTawa River,, Madhya Pradesh 460447, India
Notable Architectures

This is a man-made lake created as a reservoir for the Power Plant which is surrounded by dense forests and hills. A lot of tourists come here during the monsoon time to view the opening of the shutters and to feel the power of water.

Satpura Tiger ReserveMadai, Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India
Outdoors- Other
Wildlife Sanctuaries

A national park located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Its name is derived from the Satpura range of hills. The terrain of the national park is extremely rugged and consists of sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, ravines and dense forests which is rich in biodiversity.

Map of attractions in Betul