25 Forests in Italy that you should visit - With photos & details

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25 Forests to explore in Italy

Located in Southern Europe consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and surrounded by several islands.

Appennino CentraleAppennino Centrale, 67100 L'Aquila, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

The Central Apennines are characterized by a rich diversity of ecosystems and wildlife. Among the most important habitats are its beech woods, open hillsides and alpine grasslands. The Apennines is the second main mountain range of Italy and stretches for hundreds of kilometers from the north to the south along the Country’s main axis.  These mountains are one of the last refuges of the big European predators such as the Italian wolf and the marsican brown bear, now extinct in the rest of Centra

Bosco di Sant'Antonio67033 Pescocostanzo, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

The Bosco di Sant'Antonio nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Pescocostanzo, in the province of L'Aquila. It was established in 1986 and since 1992 is part of the Majella National Park and stretches for 550 ha between the ridges of Monte Pizzalto and Monte Rotella. Immersed in numerous centuries-old beech trees, it houses the hermitage of Sant'Antonio. Due to its characteristics, it is an ideal place for horse riding, hiking and cross-country skiing.

I Giganti della Sila nature reserveLocalità, 87058 Croce di Magara CS, Italy

The I Giganti della Sila nature reserve, also known as the Fallistro nature reserve from the name of the locality in which it is located, is a protected natural area located in the province of Cosenza and was established in 1987. The reserve covers an area of ​​5.44 km² to the north-west and south-east, within the Sila National Park.

Majella National Park67030 Pacentro, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

The Majella National Park is an important biodiversity refuge. The area is characterized by a layered cultural and spiritual heritage shaped by millennia of human-environment interaction. It includes wide lands with particular wilderness aspects, the rarest and most precious part of the biodiversity national heritage. The 740.95 km2 area, especially the Montagna della Majella, has been subject to a major international geoscientific research Project.

Maremma Regional ParkVia del Bersagliere, 7/9, 58100 Alberese GR, Italy

The Maremma Regional Park spreads across the hills of the Uccellina, a sinuous chain of hills parallel to the coast and covered with Meditteranean scrub. There are wide open spaces with lots of green, as well as many farmhouses that offer local Tuscan products and a place to stay and enjoy your leisure times.  The park covers 9,000 hectares of open land around its boundaries. It is one of the paradises in Tuscany.

Natural regional park of SerreVia Santa Rosellina, 2, 89822 Serra San Bruno VV, Italy

The Serre Regional Natural Park is a protected natural area of ​​the Calabria region, established in 2004. Located between Aspromonte and Sila, it is crossed by two long mountain ranges, large forests, among them the Stilo forest and rivers with waterfalls such as Marmarico, in the city of Bivongi, and the waterfall by Pietra Cupa, at the Fiumara Assi de Guardavalle.

Oasis of Bosco PantanoLocalità Idrovora,, 75025 Policoro MT, Italy

The Bosco Pantano di Policoro oriented nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Policoro and Rotondella, in the province of Matera. The reserve covers an area of 500 hectares and was established in 1999, 21 of which are oases of WWF Italy called "WWF Policoro Herakleia".  The reserve includes the site of community interest (SIC) “Bosco Pantano di Policoro and Costa Ionica Foce Sinni”.

The natural park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli is a protected natural area established with LR Toscana n. 61 of 13 December 1979.  The territory of the park extends along the coastal strip of the provinces of Pisa and Lucca including the municipalities of Pisa , Viareggio , San Giuliano Terme , Vecchiano , Massarosa . It also includes Lake Massaciuccoli , the mouths of the Serchio , Arno and Fiume Morto rivers , the former presidential estate of San Rossore,

Parco Naturale Mont AvicLocalità Covarey, 21, 11020 Champdepraz AO, Italy

The Mont Avic Natural Park is a protected natural area in the Aosta Valley and has an area of ​​over 5,747 hectares. The first regional natural park in the region, after the Gran Paradiso national park, created in 1989 and enlarged in 2003, it extends between the Champdepraz valley and the Champorcher valley, crossed by the Chalamy stream, in a secluded position from the major Aosta Valley tourist routes.

The coastal dunes regional natural park from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo is a protected natural area located in northern Salento, in the territory of the municipalities of Ostuni and Fasano, both in the province of Brindisi. It was established with the regional law of 27 October 2006, n. 31.  The park has habitats and coastal environments of high naturalistic and landscape interest.

Parco naturale regionale Porto Selvaggio e Palude del CapitanoVia Litoranea Sant'Isidoro - Santa Caterina, 73048 Nardò LE, Italy

The Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano regional natural park is a protected natural area in Puglia located in the province of Lecce established by the regional law of 15 March 2006.   It includes the area of ​​the equipped regional natural park of "Porto Selvaggio - Torre Uluzzo"  and the marsh of the Captain. The coast is rocky and jagged and characterized by pine forests and Mediterranean scrub.

The Gran Sasso National Park and Monti of the Laga, established in 1991, is one of the largest in Italy. It extends over the majority in Abruzzo and to a lesser extent in the adjacent areas of Lazio. The park contains three mountain ranges – the chain of the Gran Sasso of Italy, the massif of Laga, the Mountains Gemelli – and is characterized by the presence of the highest peak of the Corno Grande, which reaches 2912 meters.

Park of Veglia and Alpe DeveroVarzo, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy

The Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero Natural Park is a protected natural area located in Piedmont, in the northernmost part of the Ossola Valley, in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province.  It was established in 1995 and includes two large alpine basins, Alpe Veglia located at the head of Val Cairasca, a side valley of Val Divedro, and Alpe Devero located at the head of Valle di Devero, a side valley of Valle Antigorio which departs shortly after. Baceno .

Pombia Safari ParkVia Larino, 3, 28050 Pombia NO, Italy

The Safari Park of Pombia is a tourist complex that includes a zoological garden, a safari zoo, and an amusement park, located in Pombia in the province of Novara, founded and conceived by Angelo Lombardi in 1976 initially with the name of Zoo Safari. It is made up of two distinct areas: the amusement park with about thirty rides, with animals in enclosures or cages, and the safari park where the animals live in freedom and can be observed by visitors in their vehicles or special trains.

Riserva Naturale Grotte di PietraseccaVia del Popolo, snc, 67061 Carsoli AQ, Italy

The special nature reserve of the Caves of Pietrasecca is a protected natural area located in Pietrasecca, a hamlet of the municipality of Carsoli, in the province of L'Aquila. The reserve was established in 1992. The caves are included among the sites of community interest in Abruzzo.  The protected area which has an extension of about 110 hectares is located in the municipality of Carsoli in the Cavaliere plain.

Riserva naturale guidata Punta AderciSentiero d'Accesso Punta Aderci, 66054 Vasto CH, Italy

The guided nature reserve Punta Aderci is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Vasto, in the province of Chieti. It occupies an area of ​​285 hectares and was established in 1998. It extends along the Adriatic coast north of the port of Vasto, up to the mouth of the Sinello river , where it is possible to meet the only deciduous forest in the reserve.

Riserva naturale regionale Grotte di LuppaVia delle Dolomiti, 67069 Sante Marie AQ, Italy

Riserva Naturale Regionale Grotte di Luppa is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Sante Marie, in the province of L'Aquila. The reserve occupies approximately 435 hectares and was established in 2005. The reserve takes its name from the Luppa valley, a locality located on the border of the Marsican municipalities of Sante Marie and Carsoli.

Riserva Naturale Regionale Montagne della DuchessaVia della Boscareccia, 1, 02021 Santo Stefano RI, Italy

The Montagne Della Duchessa regional nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the mountainous territory of the Montagne Della Duchessa, entirely included in the territory of the municipality of Borgorose, in Cicolano, in the province of Rieti. Established with Regional Law 70/90 and extended for about 3500 hectares, it is part of the system of Protected Areas of the Lazio Region, with the eastern and southern border which coincides with the regional border of the neighboring regionA

Riserva Naturale Regionale Monte Genzana e Alto Gizio67034 Pettorano sul Gizio, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

The guided nature reserve Monte Genzana and Alto Gizio is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Pettorano sul Gizio , in the province of L'Aquila, and was established in 1996.  It includes an area of ​​about 3,160 hectares it is possible to observe the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park to the west and the Majella to the east, the underlying Lake Scanno to the west, and the Cinquemiglia plateau to the south.  The park acts as a buffer between the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise N

Riserva naturale regionale Valli CupeUnnamed Road,88054, 88054 Sersale CZ, Italy

The Valli Cupe Regional Nature Reserve was established with the regional law of 21 December 2016. It is an important naturalistic area of ​​Calabria, in particular in the Presila Catanzaro area, a step away from the Gariglione and with the city of Sersale at its center. The particularity of the area is linked to the presence of waterfalls, gorges, ancient trees, botanical rarities, and monoliths.