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11 Waterfalls to explore in Italy


Located in Southern Europe consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and surrounded by several islands.

Acquafraggia Borgonuovo di, 23020 Piuro SO, Italy

L ' Acquafraggia or water Fraggia is a river of Lombardy, which flows in the province of Sondrio. It is born on the border with Switzerland, from the slopes of Cima di Lago, on the watershed between the tributaries of the North Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, then flowing in a north-east-southwest direction in the territory of the municipality of Piuro . It flows into the Mera from the right in the Borgonuovo area. It is of glacial origin and takes its name from the Latin "Aqua Fracta

Cascata del Marmarico
Cascata del MarmaricoCascata del Marmarico, Provincia di Reggio Calabria, Italy

The Marmàrico waterfall is the highest waterfall in Calabria and the southern Apennines, 114 meters high, located in the territory of the municipality of Bivongi, in high course of the Stilaro river, in the Folea valley. Inserted from 6 September 2011 among the " Italian wonders " of the homonymous project, born on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, of a tourist-cultural nature national Youth Forum.

Cascata del Toce
Cascata del ToceLocalità Frua, 28863 Formazza VB, Italy

The Toce waterfall or La Frua is a waterfall located in the municipality of Formazza in the hamlet of Frua at an altitude of 1675 m asl; with it the Toce river makes a 143 m high jump on a 200 m rocky reclining, with a 60 m water flake at the base. It is considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Alps, although human intervention has reduced its flow for much of the year. The waterfall is open only for short time slots between June and September, fully recovering its natural confor

Cascata delle Marmore Belvedere Superiore
Cascata delle Marmore Belvedere SuperioreVocabolo Cascata, 05100 Marmore TR, Italy

The Cascata Delle Marmore is a waterfall located about 7 km away from Terni, in Umbria, almost at the end of the Valnerina, the long valley carved by the Nera river. It is a controlled flow waterfall, one of the highest in Europe, being able to count on a total height difference of 165 m , divided into three jumps, inserted in a large natural park. The name derives from the calcium carbonate salts present on the rocks which are similar to white marble.

Cascata delle Ninfe
Cascata delle Ninfe67030 Villetta Barrea, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

The waterfall of the Ninfe is part of a series of waterfalls of the Scerto stream, including the waterfall of the Tre Cannelle, which are located within the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise, in the integral nature reserve of Camosciara, among the municipalities of Civitella Alfedena and Pescasseroli. The waterfall is deeply embedded in the rocks due to the waters of the Scerto stream, which have a slight degree of acidity, and which flow on a bed of Dolomite rocks.

Cascata Zompo Lo Schioppo
Cascata Zompo Lo SchioppoRiserva Naturale Zompo Lo Schioppo, 67050 Morino AQ, Italy

The waterfall of Zompo lo Schioppo represents the highest natural waterfall in the central Apennines after that of the Rio Verde di Borrello; in fact, the waters precipitate from a height of over 80 meters and then flow downstream towards the town of Morino. The flow rate of the waterfall, originating from karst phenomena, depends on the amount of rainfall that occurs during the year.

Cascate del Varone
Cascate del VaroneLocalità Le Foci, 3, 38060 Tenno TN, Italy

The Varone waterfalls are located in the municipality of Tenno, in the province of Trento, 3 km from Riva del Garda. They are almost 100 meters high and originated from the Magnone stream, which flows under the Ravizze valley and descends towards Lake Garda. Its waters are fed by the underground leaks of Lake Tenno which for a short distance penetrates the mountain and then forms the waterfall. The name Varone instead originates from the homonymous hamlet of Riva del Garda located a short dista

Cascate di Lillaz
Cascate di Lillaz11012 Lillaz, Cogne AO, Italy

A beautiful waterfall with three water jumps of the Urtier stream for a total of 150 meters in height. The waterfalls can be admired in their fullness thanks to the paths that flank them and which allow the discovery of the three levels of which it is composed, a characteristic that distinguishes it from more vertical waterfalls but which make it unique in its kind.

Marmore Falls
Marmore FallsMarmore Falls, 05100 Terni, Province of Terni, Italy

Marmore Falls, a mass of water that falls from a height of about 165 meters, which is a mix of natural beauty, human intelligence and fairytales. This waterway is the tallest human-made waterfall in the world. It’s impressive stature is a 2,000-year-old testament to human engineering.

Riserva Naturale Regionale Cascate del Verde
Riserva Naturale Regionale Cascate del Verdestrada provinciale sangritana, 66040 Borrello CH, Italy

The Cascate del Verde regional nature reserve and WWF OASIS is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Borrello, in the province of Chieti. The reserve includes an area of ​​approximately 287 hectares and was established in 2001. The rocky walls on which the waterfalls develop and the surrounding ones are covered by perfectly Mediterranean vegetation.

Riserva naturale regionale Valli Cupe
Riserva naturale regionale Valli CupeUnnamed Road,88054, 88054 Sersale CZ, Italy

The Valli Cupe Regional Nature Reserve was established with the regional law of 21 December 2016. It is an important naturalistic area of ​​Calabria, in particular in the Presila Catanzaro area, a step away from the Gariglione and with the city of Sersale at its center. The particularity of the area is linked to the presence of waterfalls, gorges, ancient trees, botanical rarities, and monoliths.

Map of Waterfalls to explore in Italy