Gulf of Revellata in Corsica, France - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Gulf of Revellata

La Revellata, 20260 Calvi, France

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About Gulf of Revellata

The Gulf of Revellata is a gulf of the Mediterranean which is located in the town of Calvi in Haute Corse. It is a privileged scooping site for water bombers. It is also an underwater sanctuary which is one of the most famous diving spots in Corsica. It is a conserved area that is blessed with natural beauty.

Attractions near Gulf of Revellata

Revellata lighthouse0.11km from Gulf of Revellata

The Revellata lighthouse also called the Gulf of Calvi lighthouse, marks the northwest coast of Corsica, from the Gulf of Galéria to the coasts of Agriates.  The current lighthouse is a square tower, centered on a rectangular base. It is in masonry stone, with smooth plaster and exposed stone angles. an architectural wonder which was located at the tip of a cliff. it offers a panoramic view of this area and also a nice location to hangout.

Calvi Beach4.33km from Gulf of Revellata

Calvi is a city on the French island of Corsica and the biggest tourist center of the island proper. One of the nice sandy beaches in this area which is calm and quiet and also there is so many opportunities for adventure activities also. Calvi has a rich and chequered history. The earliest found remains of settlers in Calvi date back to the Neolithic period, in one of its many caves.

Vallée du Fango20.2km from Gulf of Revellata

The Fango Valley was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO on1 st March 1977. Its heart is the Piriu Forest, made up of maritime and black pines as well as remarkable centuries-old holm oaks which are said to be among the oldest in the world. The Piriu yeuseraie has not been exploited since 1850. One of the nice trekking destination and also there is a beautiful river flowing through this area.

Scandola Nature Reserve28.19km from Gulf of Revellata

Scandola Nature Reserve is a marine and terrestrial Nature Reserve, with strictly regulated access. It’s part of the regional natural park of Corsica and also a UNESCO world heritage site too. The jagged and sheer cliffs contain many grottos and are flanked by numerous stacks and almost inaccessible islets and coves. One of the beautiful location which was blessed with natural beauty.

Plage de l'Ostriconi28.75km from Gulf of Revellata

The Ostriconi is a small French coastal river that flows in the north of the department of Haute-Corse in the Corsica region and which empties into the Mediterranean Sea. One of the nice place to spend some leisure time and It flows from the southeast to the northwest, creating a valley called Paesi d'Ostriconi, located between the micro-regions of Nebbio and Giussani .

Monte Cinto29.01km from Gulf of Revellata

Monte Cinto is the highest mountain on Corsica with a height of  2706m. It is the main peak that separates the Golo valley in the south from the Asco valley in the north. One of the main trekking and rock climbing locations in this area and offers a panoramic view of the whole area from the top of the mountain.

Where is Gulf of Revellata

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and politically one of the 18 regions of France. The island's climate, mountains, and coastlines make it popular among tourists.