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Monte Cinto - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Monte Cinto, 20224 Lozzi, France

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About Monte Cinto

Monte Cinto is the highest mountain on Corsica with a height of 2706m. It is the main peak that separates the Golo valley in the south from the Asco valley in the north. One of the main trekking and rock climbing locations in this area and offers a panoramic view of the whole area from the top of the mountain.

Attractions Near Monte Cinto

Paglia Orba
Paglia Orba6.87km from Monte Cinto

Mount Paglia Orba is one of the most famous mountains in Corsica. it is an isolated massif, and dominates the west coast of the island; it is nicknamed the " Corsican Matterhorn " or even the "Queen of Corsican mountains". It is also one of the nice trekking destinations in this area too.

Col de Vergio
Col de Vergio11.39km from Monte Cinto

The Vergio pass (in Corsican Bocca Verghju ) is a collar of Corsica between Corte and Vico . It thus connects Albertacce in Niolo ( En-Deçà-des-Monts ) to Évisa in Deux-Sevi ( Au-Delà-des-Monts ). It is the highest road pass on the island. It is, with the passes of Vizzavona , Verde and Bavella , one of the four “great passes” of Corsica, making it possible to connect the two sides of the island from the interior.

Lac de Nino
Lac de Nino13.79km from Monte Cinto

Most beautiful and the second largest lake located at the altitude of 1743 m and it occupies 6.3 ha within the Camputile Plateau. The lake also serves as a source of Tavignano, Corsica’s second-largest river flowing east into the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is also a hiking attraction in this area. One of the nice location which was not at all damaged by the public and it offers a nice view of nature.

Gorges du Tavignano
Gorges du Tavignano14.54km from Monte Cinto

The Tavignano is a French coastal river on the island of Corsica, which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. One of the nice location which is away from city life and is blessed with natural beauty. A nice trekking destination and also a good camping site.

Gorges de la Restonica
Gorges de la Restonica17.31km from Monte Cinto

La Restonica is a river that originates from Lake Melo at an altitude of 1,711 meters on Monte Rotondo. Its course is 18 km before joining the Tavignano in Corte. the Restonica gorges offer multiple possibilities for swimming and hiking. A winding road allows you to reach the sheepfolds of Grotelle which are the starting point for the lakes of Melo and Capitello. Its course is dotted with waterfalls and natural pools of clear and freshwater, in its first part, then becomes less uneven in the res

Regional Natural Park of Corsica
Regional Natural Park of Corsica18.42km from Monte Cinto

The Corsica Regional Nature Park extends over 350,510 hectares, which represents about 40 % of the island. This park is a paradise for those who love nature and beautiful landscapes. It is also one of the challenging trekking destinations and also you can perform so many adventure activities here. It is also home to a large variety of flora and fauna.

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and politically one of the 18 regions of France. The island's climate, mountains, and coastlines make it popular among tourists.