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Bernadette Soubirous Nevers - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

34 Rue Saint-Gildard, 58000 Nevers, France

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About Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

Espace Bernadette Soubirous Nevers is a former convent and the motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of Nevers in Nevers, France, and is where the body of Saint Bernadette reposes. In 1970, it was converted into a sanctuary run by volunteers and a few sisters who administer to pilgrims and manage the building. There is also a museum that highlights the various steps in Bernadette’s life: the cachot, the grotto, Hospice of Lourdes and her time in Nevers. Some photographs and artifacts depict her

Attractions Near Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

Palais ducal de Nevers
Palais ducal de Nevers0.61km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

The Palais Ducal, considered as one of the leading Loire châteaux, was the residence of the counts and then the dukes of Nevers. Built-in the late 15th century, it now houses the town's exhibition and reception areas, the council chambers, and an amazing aquarium containing Loire fish. it is classified as a French monument historique in the list of historic monuments of 1840.

Nièvre18.86km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

A beautiful river in central France which was the right tributary of the Loire. It flows through the département of Nièvre. One of the main water sources of the area and people spends time on the banks of this river by fishing and so more activities.

Meillant castle
Meillant castle54.31km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

The Meillant castle is a historic manor in Meillant, built in the 15th century; it has been listed as an official monument since 1963. this renaissance castle offers visitors the opportunity to discover the traditional architecture through unique themed visits. It is characterized by its Late Gothic style.

Bourges Cathedral
Bourges Cathedral57.92km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

The Cathedral of St Etienne of Bourges, built between the late 12th and late 13th centuries, is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art and is alsoa good example of the unity of design. It was dedicated to Saint Stephen and It is the seat of the Archbishop of Bourges. One of the majestic and beautiful buolding in this area and its architecture is truly wondrful.

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil
Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil58.2km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil is a 14th-century castle built on the grounds of an earlier 12th-century castle in Ainay-le-Vieil, France. The castle has been listed as a Monument Historique since 1968 by the French Ministry of Culture. The castle, now part of Jacques Cœur's tourist route, has been nicknamed "the little Carcassonne" because of its circular shape. It is now one of the best-preserved fortresses of the 14th century.

Palais Jacques Coeur
Palais Jacques Coeur58.38km from Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

The Jacques-Heart Palace is a mansion located in Bourges, considered by the elegance of its architecture, the richness, and variety of its decoration, as one of the most sumptuous civil buildings of xv the century and a masterpiece of civil architecture in the flamboyant Gothic style. It was born from the desire of the rich merchant Jacques Coeur to build a “big 'house” in his native town, but Charles VII's treasurer never lived there. This palace is classified as historical monuments by 1840. i

Where is Bernadette Soubirous Nevers

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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is a region of east-central France, created in 2016 through administrative reorganisation from Burgundy and Franche-Comté.It is well known for its rich history and diverse scenery, the region stretches from the rolling Burgundy wine country in the west, to the Jura mountains and Swiss border in the east.