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Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Domplatz, 67547 Worms, Germany


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About Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

St Peter's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Worms, southern Germany. The cathedral is located on the highest point of the inner city of Worms, on a hill. Since this hill was safe from flooding, it has been inhabited by people since the third millennium BC.

Attractions Near Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Mannheim Baroque Palace
Mannheim Baroque Palace17.93km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Originally the main residence of the Prince-electors of the Electorate of the Palatinate of the House of Wittelsbach. Part of the palace is used by the University of Mannheim. The castle, which features tapestries, furniture, paintings, porcelain and silverware is open to visitors.

Kunsthalle Mannheim
Kunsthalle Mannheim18.38km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Kunsthalle Mannheim is a modern and contemporary art museum housing art collections and hosting temporary art exhibitions of Mannheim city. Built in 1907, the museums own collection comprises around 1,500 works from multiple artists including Édouard Manet, Paul Cézanne, George Grosz. In addition, the new extension building constructed in 2018 shows major collection of works by Anselm Kiefer.

Technoseum19.76km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Technoseum showcases the industrialisation of the south-western regions of Germany. The exhibits are arranged in a way that the visitors will experience a technological journey in time, from begining of the industrial revolution to the present day.

Felsenmeer Lautertal
Felsenmeer Lautertal26.1km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

The Felsenmeer Lautertal is a massive field of boulders that covers an area of nearly 200 acres. Some of the boulders are as large as houses, and the entire field is surrounded by a dense forest. This fascinating geological formation was created over millions of years by weathering.

Schwetzingen Castle
Schwetzingen Castle31.29km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Summer residence of the Electors Palatine Charles III Philip and Charles IV Theodore, most notable for its spacious and ornate gardens. The mosque in the gardens complex is the earliest mosque-style building in Germany, built in 1779–1791. It was built at a time when the “Turkish” style was fashionable in Germany, it was never intended for prayer but later served religious purposes at various times.

Donnersberg32.07km from Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Formed during the Permian period from volcanic activities, Donnersberg is the highest peak of Palantine region in Germany. Covering an area of over 2,000 hecatares, the peak has a diameter of 7 kilometers. The mountain and the surronding area is an importance place for old settlements, of which only ruins remains today. The 4,700 km Eurpean Walking Route E8 passes through the mountain.

Where is Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

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With 42% of its area covered by forests, it is the most forested state of Germany along with Hesse.