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Kunsthalle Mannheim - Things to Know Before Visiting

Friedrichspl. 4, 68165 Mannheim, Germany

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About Kunsthalle Mannheim

Kunsthalle Mannheim is a modern and contemporary art museum housing art collections and hosting temporary art exhibitions of Mannheim city. Built in 1907, the museums own collection comprises around 1,500 works from multiple artists including Édouard Manet, Paul Cézanne, George Grosz. In addition, the new extension building constructed in 2018 shows major collection of works by Anselm Kiefer.

Attractions Near Kunsthalle Mannheim

Mannheim Baroque Palace
Mannheim Baroque Palace0.97km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

Originally the main residence of the Prince-electors of the Electorate of the Palatinate of the House of Wittelsbach. Part of the palace is used by the University of Mannheim. The castle, which features tapestries, furniture, paintings, porcelain and silverware is open to visitors.

Technoseum1.75km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

Technoseum showcases the industrialisation of the south-western regions of Germany. The exhibits are arranged in a way that the visitors will experience a technological journey in time, from begining of the industrial revolution to the present day.

Schwetzingen Castle
Schwetzingen Castle12.94km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

Summer residence of the Electors Palatine Charles III Philip and Charles IV Theodore, most notable for its spacious and ornate gardens. The mosque in the gardens complex is the earliest mosque-style building in Germany, built in 1779–1791. It was built at a time when the “Turkish” style was fashionable in Germany, it was never intended for prayer but later served religious purposes at various times.

Heidelberg Zoo
Heidelberg Zoo15.55km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

Founded in 1933 and opened for the public on 20 November 1934, the zoo was totally destroyed during bombings in March 1945. Since 1972, the reformation began and slowly added more and more animal enclosures which includes an elephant house that was opened in 2010.

Heiligenberg17.83km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

Large wooded hill overlooking the town of Heidelberg. It has been the site of many historic and pre-historic constructions, including a Celtic hilltop fortification, a Roman sacred precinct, several medieval monasteries, modern lookout towers and the Heidelberg Thingstätte- an open air theatre built by the Nazis in the 1930s.

Philosophers Walk
Philosophers Walk17.92km from Kunsthalle Mannheim

A walk through scenic nature, with a view of Heidelberg city. The name "Philosophers' Walk" can be traced to the fact that Heidelberg's university professors and philosophers found this path a place where they could talk seriously and contemplate while enjoying the charming view of the region.

Where is Kunsthalle Mannheim

Discover More Attractions in Baden-Württemberg, Where Kunsthalle Mannheim Is Located

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Germany's third largest state. Most of the major cities of Baden-Württemberg straddle the banks of the Neckar River, which runs downstream (from southwest to the center, then northwest) through the state past Tübingen, Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Heidelberg, and Mannheim.

What Visitors Say About Kunsthalle Mannheim

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Nele Lenze
Nele Lenze
The Hanna Nagel exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim stays with you for many days. Her drawings are dealing with so many topics that I did not think were debatable 100 years ago. Her clean strokes and humourous approach make even the darkest issues accessible. The building itself is awesome and the Kunsthalle has a huge collection of fine art. Even a James Turrell  corridor. You can spend at least two hours there. Maybe more.