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Pizzo Campo Tencia - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Pizzo Campo Tencia, 6747 Chironico, Switzerland

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About Pizzo Campo Tencia

The Pizzo Campo Tencia 3071,7m is a mountain in Switzerland, in the Canton Ticino. This mountain is close-by the villages Chironico and Peccia. In the proximity are the mountain lake "Lago di Morghirolo 2264m". The mountain lies south of Lago di Morghirolo, between the Valle Leventina and Valle Maggia. One of the beautiful trekking spot and also a nice picnic spot too.

Attractions Near Pizzo Campo Tencia

San Giovanni Battista (Mogno)
San Giovanni Battista (Mogno)4.8km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

The church of San Giovanni Battista is in the heart of Mogno. Built between 1992 and 1996, which was designed by the famous Mario Botta. The contemporary building stands out among the traditional houses of the village because of its cylindrical shape cut in a diagonal and for the decorative use of stone. The force conveyed by the walls of the church is nicely balanced by the lightness of the glass cover.

Tremorgio Lake
Tremorgio Lake5.54km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

Tremorgio Lake is a mountain lake above Rodi and Fiesso, in the municipality of Prato Leventina in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 39 ha. The lake can be reached by aerial cable car from Rodi. The water is very cool and it is a nice picnic spot where you can enjoy with your family.

Valle Leventina
Valle Leventina6.42km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

The Leventina Valley is the valley formed by the Ticino river from Bedretto to Biasca. nature-lovers can enjoy 650 kilometers of trails immersed in the lush green of the Leventina. All the while, you can enjoy breathtaking views, following in the footsteps of an ancient culture with a tradition going back centuries, preserved in local museums or captured in magnificent masterpieces from the Romanesque period.

Lago del Sambuco
Lago del Sambuco7.34km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

Lago del Sambuco is a reservoir above Fusio, in the municipality of Lavizzara, Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 1.11 km². The dam of Sambuco on the Maggia River was completed in 1956. Its maximum height is 130 m and length 363 m. The dam can be crossed on foot, then there is a mountain trail to the foot of the dam and on the other side back to the starting point.

Ritom funicular
Ritom funicular11.59km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

The funicular - one of the steepest aerial cable cars - takes visitors to the spectacular Piora Valley, one of the most untouched areas of Ticino. It is an ideal starting point for many hiking and biking excursions, it offers great opportunities to admire the rich vegetation and the large variety of alpine flowers, lush green meadows where cows and horses graze peacefully, and to see the open sky reflected in the clear waters of several alpine lakes.

Lago Ritom
Lago Ritom12.6km from Pizzo Campo Tencia

Lago Ritom is a lake in the Piora Valley, Ticino, Switzerland. The natural lake is used as a reservoir by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. The first dam was built in 1918 and, in 1950, its height was increased by 23 m. It is one of the beautiful picnic areas and also is suitable for fishing too.

Where is Pizzo Campo Tencia

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The canton is named after the river Ticino, it is the only canton where Italian is the sole official language and represents the bulk of the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. Ticino hosts two World Heritage sites: the Three Castles of Bellinzona and Monte San Giorgio.