Val Piora in Ticino, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Val Piora

Val Piora, 6776 Quinto, Switzerland

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About Val Piora

The Val Piora is a side valley of the Leventina in the Swiss canton of Ticino . Its brook, the Foss , flows into Ticino near Piotta .  The Ritóm reservoir , the Cadagno and the Tomsee are located in Val Piora . One of the beautiful picnic spot and also a trekking area. The natural beauty and the climate attracts a lot of tourists here.

Attractions near Val Piora

Lake Cadagno0.26km from Val Piora

Lake Cadagno is a crenogenic meromictic lake located in the Swiss Alps at 1921 m asl with a maximum depth of 21 m.  As one of a few meromictic lakes in Europe, it is the object of numerous scientific studies.  Lake Cadagno is a rare example of crenogenic meromixis. Its waters show a permanent stratification due to a natural geological phenomenon.

Lago di Tom1.9km from Val Piora

Lago di Tom is a lake in the Piora Valley, in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 13 ha. The water is pure and you can have swim here. Fishing is also possible here. There is also some nice trekking areas around this lake. This place is blessed with natural beauty and you can have a picnic with your family here.

Lago Ritom1.97km from Val Piora

Lago Ritom is a lake in the Piora Valley, Ticino, Switzerland. The natural lake is used as a reservoir by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. The first dam was built in 1918 and, in 1950, its height was increased by 23 m. It is one of the beautiful picnic areas and also is suitable for fishing too.

Ritom funicular3.93km from Val Piora

The funicular - one of the steepest aerial cable cars - takes visitors to the spectacular Piora Valley, one of the most untouched areas of Ticino. It is an ideal starting point for many hiking and biking excursions, it offers great opportunities to admire the rich vegetation and the large variety of alpine flowers, lush green meadows where cows and horses graze peacefully, and to see the open sky reflected in the clear waters of several alpine lakes.

Lukmanier Pass6.9km from Val Piora

Lukmanier Pass is a pass in the Swiss Alps.  The road from Disentis/Mustér in the canton of Graubünden leads through the Val Medel across the pass to the Blenio valley and Biasca in the canton of Ticino. North of the pass, the road runs along the east shore of Lake Sontga Maria.  The Pass is kept open during the winter but even then it often closes after 18:00 hours.  Below the Lukmanier Pass, or more precisely between it and Pizzo dell'Uomo, runs the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Tremorgio Lake7.67km from Val Piora

Tremorgio Lake is a mountain lake above Rodi and Fiesso, in the municipality of Prato Leventina in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 39 ha.  The lake can be reached by aerial cable car from Rodi. The water is very cool and it is a nice picnic spot where you can enjoy with your family.

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The canton is named after the river Ticino, it is the only canton where Italian is the sole official language and represents the bulk of the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland. Ticino hosts two World Heritage sites: the Three Castles of Bellinzona and Monte San Giorgio.