Grand Muveran in Vaud, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Grand Muveran

Grand Muveran, 1880 Bex, Switzerland

Mountain Peaks

About Grand Muveran

Grand-Muveran is a mountain with a height of 2600 meters over the Rhone valley. The Muverans are the second-highest massif of the canton of Vaud, after the Diablerets.

Attractions near Grand Muveran

Lac de Derborence8.42km from Grand Muveran

Lac de Derborence is a mountain lake in the municipality of Conthey, Valais, Switzerland, located near the hamlet of Derborence. It was formed after rockfalls on 24 September 1714 and 23 June 1749. In 1749, an estimated 50 million m3 of rocks blocked the course of the Derbonne river and led to the formation of the lake.

Diablerets8.88km from Grand Muveran

Les Diablerets is the highest peak of the Alps of the Canton Vaud in Switzerland. From the Pillon collar, a cable car leads to the summit of Sex Rouge, 2971 m. This pleasant shortcut allows the summit in one day. The normal route from Sex Rouge is an easy glacier route in good conditions but high mountain gear for glaciers is still essential. The northeastern part of the massif stretches also into the canton of Bern.

Bex is the site of a famous salt mine. The salt deposits in Bex were the first that were discovered in Switzerland. These are a labyrinth of passages and tunnels, over 50 kilometers long, today yields 30,000 tons of salt per year.

Col de la Croix9.69km from Grand Muveran

The Col de la Croix pass is the highest point of the road linking Villars to Les Diablerets and is 1,778 meters above sea level. It is also one of the most important transit points for migratory birds crossing the Alps.

Col de Bretaye9.99km from Grand Muveran

Bretaye is a mountain pass located above Villars. The pass is connected to Villars by the Bex-Villars Bretaye railway, which is the second-highest railway in the canton.

Diablerets10.08km from Grand Muveran

The Diablerets is a huge ice-covered mountain massif of the Alps. The summit is the highest point in the canton of Vaud. The area is also popular in summer for the snow hikes on the glacier.

Where is Grand Muveran

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The canton of Vaud is the third largest of the Swiss cantons by population. The capital and biggest city is Lausanne, officially designated "Olympic Capital" by the International Olympic Committee and hosting many international sports organizations.