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Top 56 attractions you must visit in Vaud

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About Vaud

The canton of Vaud is the third largest of the Swiss cantons by population. The capital and biggest city is Lausanne, officially designated "Olympic Capital" by the International Olympic Committee and hosting many international sports organizations.

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Attractions in Vaud

Aigle Castle
Aigle CastlePlace du Château 1, 1860 Aigle, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

The Château d’Aigle is a historic castle with medieval origins and strong roots in the local wine industry. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

AlimentariumQuai Perdonnet 25, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland
Food- Other

Alimentarium is the first museum in the world devoted exclusively to nutrition. It offers an insight into the history and future of the human diet through interactive exhibitions, hands-on workshops, tastings, and cooking demonstrations.

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium
AQUATIS Aquarium-VivariumRoute de Berne 144, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland

Aquatis is the largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium in Europe. It is an interesting mix of an aquarium, ZOO, and an educational interactive modern museum.

BerneuseBerneuse, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The mountain above Leysin and Aigle is famous for Kuklos, a revolving restaurant accessible by cable cabin from town.

blonay-chamby museum railway
blonay-chamby museum railwayPl. de la Gare 3, 1807 Blonay, Switzerland

The Blonay - Chamby Railway and Museum was opened in 1968 with the aims of operating the meter-gauge railway line from Blonay to Chamby and in doing so preserving railway equipment of technical or historic value. The century-old steam or electric trains take visitors from Blonay on a journey through viaducts, tunnels, and pastures that offer a beautiful view of the Vaud Riviera, Lake Geneva, and Savoy.

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts
Cantonal Museum of Fine ArtsPlace de la Gare 16, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Art Galleries

The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. The museum showcases more than 10,000 artworks.

Casino Barrière Montreux
Casino Barrière MontreuxRue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux Casino is a casino located in Montreux, Switzerland, on the shoreline of Lake Geneva.

Château Saint-Maire
Château Saint-MairePlace du Château, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Notable Architectures

Château Saint-Maire was built from 1397 to 1425 by the Bishops of Lausanne to serve as their fortified residence. It is now serves as the seat of the cantonal government, the Council of State of Vaud. And also a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Chillon Castle
Chillon CastleAvenue de Chillon 21, 1820 Veytaux, Switzerland
Notable Architectures

Chillon Castle is an Island Castle which is situated in the eastern end of the lake on the shore between Villeneuve and Montreux. Chillon is amongst the most visited castles in Switzerland and Europe.

Col de Bretaye
Col de BretayeCol de Bretaye, 1884 Ollon, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Bretaye is a mountain pass located above Villars. The pass is connected to Villars by the Bex-Villars Bretaye railway, which is the second-highest railway in the canton.

Col de Jaman
Col de JamanCol de Jaman, 1824 Montreux, Switzerland
Mountain Passes
Short Hikes

The Col de Jaman is a mountain pass that connects Montreux in the canton of Vaud to Montbovon in the canton of Fribourg.

Col de la Croix
Col de la CroixCol de la Croix, 1884 Ollon, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

The Col de la Croix pass is the highest point of the road linking Villars to Les Diablerets and is 1,778 meters above sea level. It is also one of the most important transit points for migratory birds crossing the Alps.

Col de la Givrine
Col de la GivrineCol de la Givrine, 1265 Saint-Cergue, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Col de la Givrine is a high mountain pass in the Jura Mountains that connects Nyon in Switzerland and Morez in France.

Col des Mosses
Col des MossesCol des Mosses, 1862 Ormont-Dessous, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Col des Mosses is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.452m above the sea level, located in the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland. The Col des Mosses is also on the Alpine Pass Route hiking trail and is a winter sports center.

Col du Marchairuz
Col du MarchairuzCol du Marchairuz, 1188 Gimel, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Col du Marchairuz is a Jura pass in Canton Vaud. The pass is in the middle of the Parc jurassien vaudoid (regional park) with an altitude of 1447 m.

Col du Pillon
Col du PillonCol du Pillon, 1865 Ormont-Dessus, Switzerland
Mountain Passes

Col du Pillon is a mountain pass in the western Swiss Alps. Col du Pillon is overlooked by the Diablerets and at the pass is located at the lower station of the Scex Rouge cable car.

Collection de l'Art Brut
Collection de l'Art BrutAvenue Bergières 11, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

The Collection de l’Art Brut exhibits a collection of “outsider art”, produced by self-taught social outcasts, such as psychiatric hospital patients and prisoners.

Dent de Jaman
Dent de JamanDent de Jaman, 1824 Montreux, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks

The Dent de Jaman is a mountain above Montreux, situated north of the Rochers de Naye.

Dent de Vaulion
Dent de VaulionDent de Vaulion, 1337 Vallorbe, Switzerland
Mountain Peaks
Short Hikes

Dent de Vaulion is less well known than other Jura peaks in the canton of Vaud. During the warmer season, the Dent de Vaulion is a popular destination for numerous hikers with its breath-taking view from the summit.

DiableretsDiablerets, 1865 Ormont-Dessus, Switzerland
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks
Geological Formations

The Diablerets is a huge ice-covered mountain massif of the Alps. The summit is the highest point in the canton of Vaud. The area is also popular in summer for the snow hikes on the glacier.

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