Mont Pèlerin in Vaud, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Mont Pèlerin

Mont Pèlerin, 1801 Chardonne, Switzerland

Mountain Peaks

About Mont Pèlerin

Mont Pelerin or Mont Pèlerin is a 1080 meter high mountain and is part of the Swiss Prealps.

Attractions near Mont Pèlerin

Villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier3.27km from Mont Pèlerin

Villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier is a residential building on Lake Geneva in Corseaux, Switzerland designed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

Lavaux Vinorama4.02km from Mont Pèlerin

The Lavaux Vinorama is a tasting center that offers a selection of over 250 wines made from the finest grape varieties. It’s the perfect place to stop and learn more about the riches of this wine-growing region.

Musée Jenisch4.42km from Mont Pèlerin

Musée Jenisch the second-largest art museum in the Canton of Vaud. The neo-classical style building is home to the Cantonal Prints Collection and the Oskar Kokoshka Foundation.

Alimentarium4.77km from Mont Pèlerin

Alimentarium is the first museum in the world devoted exclusively to nutrition. It offers an insight into the history and future of the human diet through interactive exhibitions, hands-on workshops, tastings, and cooking demonstrations.

The Fork - Alimentarium4.83km from Mont Pèlerin

Fork of Vevey is an 8-meter-tall, stainless steel fork on the shore of Lake Geneva in Vevey, Switzerland. Fork of Vevey is a part of the Alimentarium, a Vevey-based museum with a permanent exhibition on food and Nestlé's history.

Swiss Museum of Games5.62km from Mont Pèlerin

Swiss Museum of Games is dedicated to the preservation, research, and dissemination of various forms of parlor games. The permanent exhibition offers a panorama of the wide world of more than 10000 games from antiquity to the present.

Where is Mont Pèlerin

Discover more attractions in Vaud, where Mont Pèlerin is located

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The canton of Vaud is the third largest of the Swiss cantons by population. The capital and biggest city is Lausanne, officially designated "Olympic Capital" by the International Olympic Committee and hosting many international sports organizations.