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Stählibuck, 8512 Thundorf, Switzerland

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About Stählibuck

The Stählibuck is a wooded ridge east of the Thurgau canton capital Frauenfeld . As the Horstberg of the Molasse, he is jointly responsible for the landscape after the retreat of the glaciers of the Würm Ice Age . At the culmination point is the Stählibuck Tower , a 26.8 meter high observation tower in steel framework construction . The viewing platform offers a panoramic view of the Thur Valley , the Seerücken , the Immenberg with the Sonnenberg Castle and the Murg Valleyand the city of Frauenf

Attractions near Stählibuck

Frauenfeld Castle3.29km from Stählibuck

The exhibit of the Thurgau History Museum in Frauenfeld Castle illustrates the time after 1415 that was so important for the region. It offers both children and adults an insightful and playful gateway to the Middle Ages. The modern arrangements, interactive animation and the artwork shining in new splendour are the highlights of the multimedia castle tour.

Murg4.13km from Stählibuck

The Murg is a 34 km long tributary of the Thur in Switzerland and flows through the Murg Valley. It rises in the canton of St. Gallen near Schlattberg above Mühlrüti, flows through the canton of Thurgau, and flows into the Thur at Warth near Frauenfeld. Along with Necker, Sitter, and Glatt, the Murg is one of the most important tributaries of the Thur.

Ittinger Museum6.71km from Stählibuck

The Ittinger Museum was founded in 1983 by Dr. Margrit Früh, the then curator of the Thurgau Historical Museum, set up in the Ittingen Charterhouse to make the almost completely preserved monastery complex accessible to the public. Today the two museums in the Ittingen Charterhouse, the Ittingen Museum and the Thurgau Art Museum, are managed by Markus Landert.

Hörnli8.1km from Stählibuck

The Hörnli is a mountain in the municipality of Fischenthal in the east of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The popular panoramic mountain in the Zurich Oberland lies entirely within the canton. One of the picturesque location in this area which is apt for a picnic and trekking.

Hüttwilersee9.97km from Stählibuck

Hüttwilersee is a lake in the Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. It is located near two other lakes, Nussbaumersee and Hasensee, on the border of the municipalities of Hüttwilen und Uesslingen-Buch. One of the famous picnic area which is flourished with natural beauty and also this place offers an opportunity for swimming and fishing.

Hasensee10.51km from Stählibuck

The Hasensee is an idyllic small lake and is located 2 km south of Nussbaumen and about 1 km northwest of the village of Buch b. Frauenfeld. Its western and eastern basins are only connected by a short and narrow flow. The total area of ​​the lake is 11 hectares. In the east basin, the shores drop fairly flat to a maximum depth of 5.8 m. In the smaller western basin, also called "Upper Lake" by fishermen, the maximum depth is 7.3 m.

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Thurgau is a northeast canton of Switzerland. The canton of Thurgau is known for farm produce such as apples, pears, and other fruits and vegetables.