Musée Art & Histoire in Jura, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Musée Art & Histoire

Rue du vingt-trois Juin 52, 2800 Delémont, Switzerland


About Musée Art & Histoire

The Musée jurassien d'art et d'histoire is a museum of art and a nexus of public learning in Delémont, Canton of Jura, Switzerland.

Attractions near Musée Art & Histoire

Prince-Bishops' Castle0.1km from Musée Art & Histoire

The Prince-Bishops' Castle is a fort within the municipality of Delémont of the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage website online of national significance. Nowadays, the fortress hosts a primary college. Truly an imaginative and prescient of artwork and splendor, the Prince-Bishop’s Castle is located inside the Delemont in Switzerland. Designated as a website of national background, the fort is an architectural surprise. Finished in white, Beautiful gardens add to the beauty o

Chapelle Vorbourg2.07km from Musée Art & Histoire

The Chapelle du Vorbourg is located below the old castle ruins Vorbourg in the canton of Jura in Switzerland. It is enthroned about 1.9 kilometers as the crow flies from Delémont on a high rock above the Birs , which forms a tight clus there . The castle ruins and chapel are clearly visible from the road from Basel to Delémont. The chapel has been in the care of the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Benoît de Port-Valais in Le Bouveret in Valais since 1995 . Services are held here.

Les Ordons8.73km from Musée Art & Histoire

Les Ordons is a summit in the Swiss Jura, part of the canton of Jura . It is located north of Delémont and east of Porrentruy .  It offers a panoramic view extending to the Alps , the Jura chain, part of Franche-Comté , the Alsace plain , the Vosges and the Black Forest .  The summit of Ordons hosts a television transmitter managed by Swisscom Broadcast on behalf of SRG SSR Idée Suisse .

Mont Raimeux9.12km from Musée Art & Histoire

Mont Raimeux, with its gorges and undulating rocky walls, is a spot cherished by mountain climbers. The summit is a delight for walkers in search of tranquility. The mountain name is probably derived from the old French word raim, which roughly corresponds to the meaning of undeveloped land, covered with scrub or forest. It can be reached easily by several trails and a road culminating at 1,288 meters.

Col des Rangiers9.53km from Musée Art & Histoire

The Col des Rangiers is a road mountain pass in the canton of Jura in Switzerland which connects the towns of Delémont and Porrentruy . It was one of the beautiful location and is a nice spot to spend some time.

Raymontpierre Castle9.72km from Musée Art & Histoire

The Raymontpierre Castle is located in the Vermes municipality of the Jura canton of Switzerland. Dating back to the 16th Century, the castle was commissioned by Georges Hugue de Raymontpierre, Delemont's chatelain. The land was left to him by his father back in the year 1576. Converted into a farmhouse back in the 18th Century, the fortified castle has been restored considerably in the 20th Century.

Where is Musée Art & Histoire

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The canton of Jura is the newest of the 26 Swiss cantons. Jura is considered a Mecca for Swiss watchmaking tradition and the Jura mountain range offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, skiing, and cross-country skiing.