Etangs de Bonfol in Jura, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Etangs de Bonfol

Etangs de Bonfol, 2944 Bonfol, Switzerland

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Etangs de Bonfol

Etangs de Bonfol is a series of ponds at Bonfol in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland. The main ponds are named "étang du Milieu" and "Neuf-Etang". They are separated by a dam.  Since 1962, the étangs de Bonfol are a nature preserve. They are listed in the Federal Inventory of Amphibian Spawning Areas, and, together with the étang at Vendlincourt, in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments.  The ponds were developed by the bishop of Basel for fishing.

Attractions near Etangs de Bonfol

Allaine5.25km from Etangs de Bonfol

The Allaine is a 65 km long river in northwestern Switzerland and eastern France. Its source is above the village Charmoille, in the Swiss Jura mountains. Downstream from its confluence with the Bourbeuse and the Canal du Rhône au Rhin, near Méziré, it is called the Allan. It is a right tributary of the Doubs, which it joins a few km downstream from Montbéliard, where it takes the Savoureuse with it, a river with its sources in the southern Vosges.

Château de Pleujouse7.49km from Etangs de Bonfol

The Château de Pleujouse is a Swiss castle located in the canton of Jura , in Ajoie , and around which the village of Pleujouse was formed . The castle of Pleujouse is the setting for a legend according to which, Alie d'Asuel, called the "white lady" and her lover Huson de Pleujouse were killed by the men of her father while trying to escape from the castle.

Courgenay holed stone7.95km from Etangs de Bonfol

A Jura hole stone is a natural stone found in the Jura mountains of France. They are light beige in color and have many cavities. They come from the petrified sea deposits caused by tectonic shifts between mountains. The bizarre form and many cavities are caused by erosion over thousands of years.

Château de Porrentruy8.91km from Etangs de Bonfol

Porrentruy Castle is a castle in the municipality of Porrentruy of the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance. the castle served as exile residence of the prince-bishops of Basel from 1527 until 1792. The bishops had been exiled from Basel during the Swiss Reformation in 1529, whereas they were able to keep most of their territories outside the city.

Col des Rangiers10.39km from Etangs de Bonfol

The Col des Rangiers is a road mountain pass in the canton of Jura in Switzerland which connects the towns of Delémont and Porrentruy . It was one of the beautiful location and is a nice spot to spend some time.

Les Ordons10.48km from Etangs de Bonfol

Les Ordons is a summit in the Swiss Jura, part of the canton of Jura . It is located north of Delémont and east of Porrentruy .  It offers a panoramic view extending to the Alps , the Jura chain, part of Franche-Comté , the Alsace plain , the Vosges and the Black Forest .  The summit of Ordons hosts a television transmitter managed by Swisscom Broadcast on behalf of SRG SSR Idée Suisse .

Where is Etangs de Bonfol

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