Ruins Fürstenstein in Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Ruins Fürstenstein

Cholholz, 4107 Ettingen, Switzerland

Old Ruins

About Ruins Fürstenstein

Nestled in the heart of the wonderful rolling hills of Basel-Country, the ruins of Farnsburg Castle are a popular destination for hikers. The ruins are the remains of a 14th century castle. A good starting point for a hike to the ruins is the Landgasthof Farnsburg - from here it is 20 minutes walk to the ruins. There are also BBQ and picnic facilities in close proximity to the ancient ruins.

Attractions near Ruins Fürstenstein

Birs3.21km from Ruins Fürstenstein

The Birs is a 73-kilometer long river in Switzerland that flows through the Jura region and ends as a tributary to the Rhine between Basel and Birsfelden. It is the most important river in the Swiss Jura.

Eggflue3.95km from Ruins Fürstenstein

The Eggflue is 688  m above sea level. M. one of the peaks of a wooded mountain ridge, which bears the name Blauen as one of several mountains in this region. On the northern slope towards Pfeffingen, the mountain drops steeply, so that there is a panoramic view over the western part of the canton of Basel-Landschaft and over the canton of Basel-Stadt to Lörrach.

Pfeffingen Castle4.76km from Ruins Fürstenstein

The ruins of Pfeffingen Castle are among the largest castle ruins in the canton Basel-Country and constitute a monument of national significance. In recent years, they were found to be seriously damaged in various places, which not only threatened the historical structure, but also posed a danger for visitors, so a comprehensive general reconstruction was planned.

Schloss Angenstein5.51km from Ruins Fürstenstein

Angenstein Castle is a medieval castle in the municipality of Duggingen. The well-preserved castle belongs to the city of Basel and is rented out for weddings. The Jura Railway passes through a tunnel under Angenstein Castle on its route between Basel and Delémont. It is one of the key attractions in this area and a lot of people visit this place every day.

Kaltbrunnentalstrasse6km from Ruins Fürstenstein

The Kaltbrunnental, an enchanted place not only because of the dense, rustic forest - so dreamy and magical that it would not be surprising if fairies or prehistoric humans came out from behind the moss-covered rocks. It stretches with up to 60 m high, steep rock faces from Meltingen along the Ibach to its confluence with the Birs at Chessiloch .

Goetheanum6.95km from Ruins Fürstenstein

The Goetheanum is situated in Dornach, around 10 kilometers outside the city center. It serves as the head office and conference venue of the General Anthroposophical Society and boasts a distinctive shape, which has also inspired the architects of neighboring buildings. The current building was constructed between 1925 and 1928. Both were designed by the esoteric Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. The monumental exposed-concrete building is particularly striking, owing to the almost

Where is Ruins Fürstenstein

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The canton of Basel-Landschaft lies in the northwestern corner of Switzerland just south of the canton of Basel-Stadt. The Canton of Basel offers a variety of beautiful landscapes, impressive natural and cultural jewels.