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Franzosenweiher - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Franzosenweiher, 8957 Spreitenbach, Switzerland

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Franzosenweiher

The Franzosenweiher is located in Spreitenbach in the canton of Aargau at 435 meters above sea level. The pond is fed by the Wilenbach, which also flows out of the little lake. In the middle of the French pond are some densely vegetated islands. The pond was originally created by monks from the Wettinger monastery for fish farming. The pond was given its current name because, according to legend, Napoleon's troops emptied the lake to plunder the fish that lived in it.

Attractions Near Franzosenweiher

Bruno Weber Park
Bruno Weber Park0.53km from Franzosenweiher

Bruno Weber Park is a sculpture park in the Swiss municipalities Spreitenbach and Dietikon and besides the Fahr Abbey one of the visitor attractions in the Limmat Valley. The sculpture garden is designed as a Gesamtkunstwerk of the Swiss artist Bruno Weber.

Egelsee1.29km from Franzosenweiher

The Egelsee, also called Ägelsee, is located high above the Limmat Valley in the canton of Aargau. The little lake is located below the Heitersberg at an altitude of 666 meters above sea level after the Zurich canton border. The pond is fed by the slope water, while the Egelseebach flows from the boggy Egelsee. The whole Egelsee area is under nature protection.

Umwelt Arena Switzerland
Umwelt Arena Switzerland2.16km from Franzosenweiher

The Umwelt Arena Schweiz in Spreitenbach is an excursion destination and place of learning for adults, families, schoolchildren, and learners on current topics such as sustainability, the environment, and energy in everyday life. The Umwelt Arena has established itself as a competence center for environmental and energy issues, environmental education, and sustainable mobility.

Aussichtsturm Altberg
Aussichtsturm Altberg4.21km from Franzosenweiher

The Altberg observation tower is a 30 meter high observation tower on the Altberg in the municipality of Dänikon in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. It is one of the youngest observation towers in the Canton of Zurich. A display next to the tower lists all donors from 100 francs. There is also a small plaque above every step of the stairs to mention all donations of CHF 500.

Fahr Monastery
Fahr Monastery4.85km from Franzosenweiher

Fahr Monastery, is a Benedictine monastery of nuns located in the Swiss municipality of Würenlos in the canton of Aargau. The monastery historically was located in an exclave of the canton of Aargau within the municipality of Unterengstringen in the canton of Zürich in the Limmat Valley.

Wettingen Abbey
Wettingen Abbey7.16km from Franzosenweiher

Artistic monument of European importance and best-preserved Cistercian monastery in Switzerland. It houses a richly carved baroque choir stall and a Romanesque-Gothic cloister with stained glass from the 13th to the 17th century. The empty buildings at Wettingen were placed at the disposal of the teachers' training college. Since 1976 they have been used by the Wettingen Canton School. Roman Catholic services are held every week in the former abbey church, and weddings are also celebrated there.

Where is Franzosenweiher

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