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Engelberger Aa

Engelberger Aa, 6390, Switzerland

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Engelberger Aa

Engelberger Aa is a river in Switzerland. It rises west of Surenenpass in the Canton of Uri, flows through the valley of Engelberg and Nidwalden. At Buochs, it empties into Lake Lucerne and is thus a tributary of the Reuss, which drains that lake.

Attractions near Engelberger Aa

Gross Spannort2.79km from Engelberger Aa

A beautiful mountain located in the heart of the Uri Alps and It is located within the canton of Uri, although its summit lies on the watershed between the Engelberger Aa and the main Reuss valley. The Gross Spannort is almost entirely surrounded by glaciers, the largest being the Glatt Finn. South-west of the Gross Spannort is the Chli Spannort.

Hahnen3.93km from Engelberger Aa

A beautiful mountain which was a part of the Arner alps, which has an elevation of 2,606 meters above sea level. It is one of the interesting trekking routes in this area and also the views from the top of the mountain is truly astonishing.

Surenen Pass5.02km from Engelberger Aa

It is a high mountain pass over the Urner Alps in the canton of Uri in Switzerland. The pass crosses the col between the Blackenstock 2915 m and the Eggenmanndli 2448 m tops, at a rise of 2,292 m 7,520 ft. The pass is navigated by a trail, which associates the town of Altdorf, in the canton of Uri 460 m, with the town of Engelberg, in the canton of Obwalden.

Engelberger Rotstock5.47km from Engelberger Aa

A popular panoramic mountain made of reddish scree Together with Uri Rotstock, It dominates the end of the Isenthaler Grosstal. One of the famous places in this area and also there are trekking routes and viewpoints.

Krönten5.92km from Engelberger Aa

The Krönten crowns the head of the Leutschach valley and is very near to Spannort. It is composed of a base of gneiss overlain by a thick cap of sedimentary rock. This peak is one of the highest in this area and the view from the top of this mountain is truly astonishing. It is also suitable for trekking and rock climbing.

Grassen5.99km from Engelberger Aa

A comfortable and relatively easy climbing mountain, Grassen at 2946 meters is the highest and most left summit of the Grassengrat. Located midway between the villages of Berne, Uri, and Obwalden, the picturesque mountain serves as a tri-point. It also offers stunning views of the mountain.

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