Tannensee in Obwalden, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tannensee, 6068 Kerns, Switzerland

Man-made Lakes

About Tannensee

Tannensee is a reservoir in Obwalden, Switzerland. In 1958, Tannenbach and few other creeks were dammed with an earth-fill dam. The reservoir has a volume of 3.8 mio m³ and its surface area is 33 ha. The reservoir is used to generate electricity at Kraftwerk Hugschwendi in Kerns. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in this area and so many people cones here and spends their peisire time here.

Attractions near Tannensee

Bonistock1.19km from Tannensee

Bonistock is a mountain with a height of 2168 meters in the municipality of Kerns in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland . It belongs to the summer and winter sports resort of Melchsee-Frutt . This area can be reached via several hiking trails, in summer with the aerial cableway from Melchsee ands o more.

Melchsee2.65km from Tannensee

Melchsee is a lake in the canton of Obwalden, Switzerland. It lends its name to the resort Melchsee-Frutt, in the municipality of Kerns. At an elevation of 1891 m, its surface area is 54 ha. It is one of the main tourist destination in this area and a lot of people visits this place everyday.

Glogghüs3.66km from Tannensee

Glogghus is located between the Swiss Canton of Obwalden and the Canton of Bern. It is a mountain of the Urner Alps and a very popular hiking area. The hike is equipped with cables for support against the wet rock slabs. Activities in the summer include walking, touring, biking, fishing, and climbing. In the winter skiing, snowboarding, night skiing, and sledging are available.

Rotsandnollen4.1km from Tannensee

The Rotsandnollen is a mountain of the Urner Alps, located between Melchsee-Frutt and Engelberg in Central Switzerland. The summit is located on the border between the cantons of Nidwalden and Obwalden.

Haupt4.33km from Tannensee

Haupt is a peak in Switzerland and has an elevation of 2312 meters. Haupt is situated southeast of Älggi, close to Murmelchopf.   Its east side consists of steep limestone cliffs overlooking Stöckalp and Melchsee-Frutt. On its west side, it overlooks the Älggi-Alp. It offers a stunning v5ews 6f the nearby mountains and also a beautiful trekking destination.

Graustock4.99km from Tannensee

The Graustock is a mountain of the Urner Alps, located south of Engelberg in Central Switzerland. The summit is one of the two tripoints between the cantons of Berne, Nidwalden, and Obwalden.  On the north side of the mountain lies the Trüebsee.

Where is Tannensee

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