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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


Will never get bored of this place. Visiting for the fifth time or so, this time with cousins.
Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


What is special with Panniyarmani is it is right near to home. 10 minutes in bike and thirty minutes of hiking up, we were at one of the most unexplored beauties of Kerala.

This was my third time here. In all three times, the place offered me with entirely different views. This time, it was super misty and windy and rainy and it was a real adventure. The area was covered in mist most of the time but when it clears for a few minutes, it was like opening up theatre curtains, to a performance of nature.

The hike back was practically through a river as some of the rivers probably start here. The elephants waterhole was full with clear waters, we drank like elephants from there. Luckily there were no elephants while we were there, it would have been so difficult to spot them in the mist as the rocks too looked like an elephant at times. The whole area was laden in elephant dung though.
Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


Second time here and the view was so different. The hills were all black, the meadows fully burned, no more grasses or flowers or insects. The forest guards burns the hill in January to prevent accidental forest fires (From Jan to May, the grasses in the meadows get too dry and easy to catch forest fires).

As usual, just like the previous time the hike was very difficult due to the climb but in the meadows it became less harder this time due to the absense of the tall grasses that prevent hikers from seeing the ground and the rocks beneath.

Two different months, absolutely different views. Still both gorgeous though.
Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


First of all- there are no proper trails to the place only a local can get you here. Look for someone from Thayyeni town if you want to visit.

The hike to the meadows of Panniyarmani starts from a plantation, then takes to deep, dark forest and then to valleys filled with tall green grasses that shame you of your height. This is a very difficult hike, mostly because there are no trails and you wont be able to see where you are stepping as the ground is covered in thick layer of grass. Even with proper hiking shoes and all I found myself twisting and turning my ankles, luckily I wasn't injured though.

The views are amazing. The thick cover of forests down below a 90 degree drop, the maze of Western Ghat mountains going around, the numerous varieties of flowering plants, honeybees and insects. The place is clearly untouched by humans most of the time. You can roam around the meadows and have snacks in there (make sure you dont drop any waste materials- plastics or paper or bottles, whatsoever). This is a very peaceful place with the sounds of the forests and that of the birds chirping.

The meadows goes on and on, just be mindful of the way back if you plan to explore more of the grasslands. Apart from the beauty of the nature, be wary of elephants. This place is a grassing spot and you can easily see the presence of elephants from the amount of dungs present in the area. Also, there is a waterhole which is frequented by elephants. As it is mostly covered in grass at the top portions, it is fairly easy to spot elephants from a distance but dont make any prior noice that will attract them to you. Also, wear something that has dull colours, which goes well with the colours of the meadows and the forests.
Dinu Jose Baby

Dinu Jose Baby


Will have to hike through forest, the path will be very unclear, you will need someone to guide you. There is a waterfall on route and right on top of the waterfall sits a house.

We went there during rainy season, the greenery and the cloud was pretty amazing. If you are heading during rainy season, keep in mind of blood sucking leeches.
Ankit S Cherian

Ankit S Cherian


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Panniyarmani Meadow

Panniyarmani Meadow

near, athiyadullam church,thayyeni, Maloth, Kerala 671533, India

A large, highly untouched meadow on Western ghats mountain, situating on the Kerala-Karnataka border. The meadow, situated in the middle of the forest and accessible by hiking a steep hill for about an hour comes with amazing views of the forest canopy, 360-degree view of the Western Ghat mountain ranges. The meadow is home for various kinds of honey bees and butterflies, and you will see a lot of uniqie, wildflowers.