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Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


I had this place in my bucket list for a long time and when had the chance, took the opportunity rightaway.

Went with four other friends and the journey did'nt disspoint from the start. It was one of the very best hikes I ever done and the one of the most wondorous structure I have ever seen. The upward climb is difficult but worth every bit. The trail is through beautiful mountains of Bhutan and before you even start the hike, you can see the far away destination- the monastery constructed in the rock face of a large mountain. Its marvellous to think how someone could make such a structure in a difficult spot like that.

You will spend around three hours to reach the top, mules are available if you are unwell to walk. Throughout the hike, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Bhutanese mountains. Although, be careful of the steep drops throughout the trek.

Once you are inside the monastery itself, its a wonderful feeling. Cameras are not allowed inside. The walls of the monastery is covered in murals, there are statues and colourful decorations throughout it's interiors. There is a cave in the heart of the mountain which you can access, but its a very narrow dark passage. There is a statue inside this narrow cave and its believed that the early monks meditate here. Its like being in the heart of the mountain.

There is also a bell in the monastery which is used only in very un usual circumstances. One of the guides told us that the sound from this bell can be heard in far away Tibet.

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Tigers Nest

Tigers Nest

Taktsang trail, Bhutan

One of the most prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site. The temple complex is located in the cliffside of a huge mountain, accessible only by hiking.