Phou Pha Thi in Houaphanh Province, Laos - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Phou Pha Thi

Phou Pha Thi, Laos

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About Phou Pha Thi

Phou Pha Thi is a remote mountain in Houaphanh Province, northeastern Laos. The mountain, which is about 1,700 meters  high, is located within the former Royal Lao Army’s Military Region 2.  it is one of the beautiful locations in this area.

Attractions near Phou Pha Thi

Tam Pa Ling Cave43.54km from Phou Pha Thi

Tam Pa Ling is a cave in the Annamite Mountains in northeastern Laos. It is at the top of Pa Hang Mountain, 1,170 m above sea level.  Three hominin fossils were discovered in the cave: TPL1, a skull from an anatomically modern human; TPL2, a lower jaw with modern and archaic features; and TPL3 a partial mandible with modern and archaic features.

Dai Yem waterfall98.17km from Phou Pha Thi

Dai Yem waterfall is one of the most worth visiting spots in Son La province. Dai Yem waterfall is a historical landscape, which is closely related to the history of Thai people in Muon Sang land a long time ago. April to September is the best season to visit this waterfall.

Son La Dam117.85km from Phou Pha Thi

The Son La Hydropower Project is the largest and most complex dam project ever built in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh119.84km from Phou Pha Thi

Tam Thanh Pagoda is located in the dynamic mountain stone located ward Tam Thanh, the city of Lang Son province Lang Son.  According to Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi's history, Tam Thanh pagoda dates from the Le dynasty, located in Vinh Trai commune, Chau Tho Lang. It is now one of the popular tourist attractions in this province.

Wat Phia Wat132.11km from Phou Pha Thi

Wat Phia Wat is a war-scarred Buddha statue located in Muang Khoun, Laos.

Xiangkhoang Plateau139.08km from Phou Pha Thi

The landscape features green mountains, rugged karst formations, and verdant valleys with plenty of rivers, caves, and waterfalls.

Where is Phou Pha Thi

Discover more attractions in Houaphanh Province, where Phou Pha Thi is located