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Subash Ckd

Subash Ckd


A great place to spend a night. A beautiful town with the  resemblance of the colonial architecture. Ride through the 8km narrow uphill passage to Fraser hill which has so many twists and turns is an adrenalin rush.
Albin Varghese

Albin Varghese


I went to Fraser’s Hills with my fellow biker group. One of the memorable road trip I’ve ever had so far. started our journey late night at 10:00 PM and rode bike till Bukit Fraser. took short breaks on the way for refreshments.  Malaysian expressway was mostly empty, we cruising 130 kmph. If you are a first timer, my personal advice is to take some extra pit stops to make yourself less tired. We reached around Bukit Fraser around 6 in the

morning. Booked our stay in a tree house which has mesmerizing and way more relaxing after a 450KM ride all the way from Singapore. 

Fraser’s Hill is a mountain village in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia, known for its highland rainforest and extensive birdlife. Located 2 hours away from Kualalumpur. Several nature paths, including Pine Tree Trail and Bishop Trail, cross jungle terrain sheltering migratory birds like the Siberian thrush. The area also harbors Malayan tigers and rare trig oak trees. Near the village is the Jeriau Waterfall. Paddle boats traverse calm Allan’s Water Lake. The clock tower on top of the hills is a main attraction. 

Fraser’s Hill has its roots in the 1890s, when Scottish prospector Louis James Fraser opened up a tin mine but mysteriously vanished in 1915. In 1917, the bishop of Singapore rediscovered Fraser's Hill while on a hunt for the man, providing suggestions for the area to be developed into a hill station which was brought to fruition by authorities.

After taking some rest we had some brunch and continue ride on top of Fraser’s Hills. The interesting this about the top station is that the narrow winding roads. It is dangerous yet thrilling. We race through the windy roads and reached on top of the hills. It was really cooling even though the sun is shining.  We’ve had Malaysian local food from a nice restaurant. Tom Yum soup was delicious. Took pictures near clock tower and we left.

The other lesson I learnt after the trip is that it is good to have a pair of windshield, it can reduce a lot of wind fatigue.  The road is longer than you think. Weather constantly changes.  Rest more than you think you should.  Get your riding position right to avoid back pain and shoulder aches.
Nithin Mathew

Nithin Mathew


So what I remember most about Fraser's Hill is its access road that runs twisting and turning through forest.

The roads are very bendy making it a riders favorite and in some places the climb gets too steep as well. The route in and out of the hills is pretty too. The road we took was almost like a ring road- enter from one side, ride through the hair pin bend roads, reach the top, then descend through another bendy route to exit from the hill.

At the top of the hill we did not do much apart from having lots of food and coffee. There are many hiking trails that goes from the hill but since we were looking much more for the adrenaline filled bike ride, we did not do any.

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Frasers' Hill

Frasers' Hill

Bukit Fraser, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang, Malaysia

A perfect place for a hill station retreat from the heat of the lowland. Navigate through narrow zig-zagging mountain road to reach here.