Phu Thap Buek in Loei, Thailand - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Phu Thap Buek

Phu Thap Buek, Kok Sathon, Dan Sai District, Loei 42120, Thailand

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About Phu Thap Buek

The highest mountain in the Loei province and is famous for its stunning views and is one of the great trekking destinations in Thailand.

Attractions near Phu Thap Buek

Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew13.58km from Phu Thap Buek

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, also known as Wat Phra Thart Pha Kaew, is a Buddhist monastery and temple in Khao Kor, Phetchabun, in north-central Thailand.  It is a famous pilgrimage centre and also a famous tourist attraction in Thailand. The main pagoda and surrounding buildings are adorned with over 5 million colorful mosaic tiles and pottery items and is set in a mountain location. 5 sitting Buddha statues were already finished. There is a stained glass gazebo and a smaller pagoda in the gardens.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park14.68km from Phu Thap Buek

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is a national park located in the Loei, Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces of Thailand. The protected area is located in the forested mountains of the Luang Prabang Range near the border with Laos and is part of the Luang Prabang montane rainforest ecoregion. The park is the basis of the Thai warrior's long struggle activities in the communist war of Thailand.

Sri Dit Waterfall34.51km from Phu Thap Buek

Namtok Si Dit is a waterfall and tourist attraction in Thailand. The waterfall is on the Wang Thong River and it runs throughout the year. At the falls, there is a rice mortar using power generated from the waterfall, built by the Communist Party of Thailand.

Khao Kho National Park38.98km from Phu Thap Buek

Khao Kho is a  commercialised park with a number of villages, hundreds of resorts and other premises throughout the park. Situated in Phetchaburi Province in around 6 hours driving distance from Bangkok, Khao Kho National Park is a very popular holiday destination among local and foreign tourists. The park is popular for it's cooler weather, morning mist covering surrounding valleys, impressive viewpoints, a huge wind farm, temples, various types of gardens, waterfalls, and a number of other att

Phra That Sri Song Rak40.83km from Phu Thap Buek

Phra That Si Song Rak temple was built on a hill beside the Man River in 1560, on the border of the kingdoms of Ayutthaya and Lang Xang. The temple is a symbol the resolve of the kings of these two kingdoms not to invade each other's territory, and to join forces against Burmese invaders. The temple style is similar to temples in Laos, with a 30-metre chedi.

Nam Nao National Park54.99km from Phu Thap Buek

Designated as a national park in 1972, Nam Nao covers 966 km² in the mountainous forests of Phetchabun and Chaiyapum provinces in Northeast Thailand. It is the best national park in the area and one of the best in the country with good wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and hiking possibilities, supporting a range of IUCN red-listed animals and birds.  The flora consists mainly of dry dipterocarp, mixed deciduous, hill evergreen, vast bamboo groves, pine forests, and some grassland areas.

Where is Phu Thap Buek

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Loei province is a less populated province in Thailand and the majority of its area composed of mountains. Phu Thap Buek, the highest mountain, and The Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary are the main attractions of this province.