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Nele Lenze

Nele Lenze


As you can see from the pictures Tam Coc is really beautiful and you can visit three caves in one boat tour. The view is a treat. Unfortunately, what sours the whole experience is being cornered and bullied by sales people left and right. At one point I was cornered by four boats at once and because I did not wanted to buy anything they said I must buy snacks for my boat captain. After that several more boats stopped me and wanted to sell identical snacks and at the end the boat captain said he deserves a big tip. The whole thing is an hour long sales hassle with a great view and an entrance fee.

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Tam Cốc-Bích Động

Tam Cốc-Bích Động

Memorina, xóm 1 xã, Ninh Hải, Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình, Vietnam

Tam Cốc-Bích Động is a popular tourist destination in North Vietnam and part of the Tràng An Scenic Landscape Complex UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in Ninh Binh province, near the village of Tam Cốc. The closest city is Ninh Binh. It consists of two distinct attractions: Tam Cốc, a flooded cave karst system; and Bích Động, a series of mountain pagodas.