Attractions to explore nearby Ao Bà Om - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Ao Bà Om

Ao Bà OmAo Bà Om, khóm 3, Lương Hòa, Tp. Trà Vinh, Trà Vinh, Vietnam

Ba Om Pond is a unique and famous landscape in Tra Vinh Province. The pond is rectangular, 300 m wide, 500 m long. The surface of the pond is clear and blue, covered by lotus flowers and water lilies. A hundred-year-old ancient oily tree whose roots rise from the ground creates strange shapes that attract tourists here.

Angkorajaborey Pagoda0.20 KMs away from Ao Bà Om

Angkorajaborey Pagoda, also called Ang Pagoda, is located in the Ba Om Pond area of Tra Vinh. It is one of the types in the system of 141 pagodas of the Khmer in Tra Vinh province.